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3 January 2020
Julianna Sykutera

10 mobile apps events to attend in 2020

With the upcoming new year, there are a lot of interesting and worth visiting tech conferences and mobile apps events planned. It’s a great opportunity for companies to learn about new technologies, expand their business network and show their product or services to the worldwide audience. Among hundreds of tech events, there are several that we find most valuable and worth your attention. 

Mobile World Congress 

Let’s start with the largest mobile app event in the world that this year will be held in Barcelona, 24-27 February (also in Los Angeles and Shanghai). It’s not a cheap conference but the experience and acquired knowledge fully compensate for their pricy tickets (from €799 to €4.999). MWC is made for everyone interested in the subject of mobile apps trends and the innovations available in this field. The agenda includes various tours and lecturers as well as exhibitions. The event brings all the top mobile app development companies together so you can’t miss this. 

React Europe 

It’s already a 6th edition of the original hackathon dedicated to the React ecosystem. React Europe conference takes place in Paris on May 12 and lasts until May 16 (12-13 & 16 workshops, 14-15 conference). It gathers speakers with unique and futuristic ideas that inspire people working with React Native, React.js, GraphQL and many more. The schedule includes lectures and workshops with Gatsby.js, Relay and of course, React. It’s a must to be there if your company chose this technology as a leading one. The tickets are already available and their prices are €399.00 + €79.80 VAT (for a one-day workshop), €449.00 + €89.80 VAT (for the conference) and  €625.00 + €125.00 VAT (for the two-days workshop).

We Are Developers

The expected number of developers that will take part in the World Congress 2020 is more than 10 000 people and over 250 speakers. The event takes place in Berlin on May 28-29 and is about to gather all the developers that are interested in JavaScript, React, UX/UI, Data Visualisation and more topics of which you can read here. Among past speakers, there are Steve Wozniak and Håkon Wium Lie. The aim is to inspire, educate and motivate people who love coding by creating the world’s leading community for developers. The Regular Pass price is now €129.00 while Premium Pass costs €379.00.

Customer Experience Strategies Summit 

Join the 9th summit of most innovative CX (customer experience) leaders. It’s the biggest CX event in North America with over 50 speakers, 15 case studies, 4 keynote speeches, 6 track sessions, and 3 interactive panels. The agenda includes a panel with Perry Monaco (from LinkedIn). Also, there is a keynote speech from Tom LeBaron (from Walt Disney Company). Apart from that, there are track sessions for example, about mobile metrics and analysis or case studies providing insight into the obstacles of building trust with online customers. CXS Summit starts on April 16 (and 17), in Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto (Canada). Get the tickets!


Something for JavaScript lovers. The conference takes place in Budapest, Hungary on September 24-25, however, it’s not the only location. JSConf is a non-profit organization that each year arranges a series of worldwide tech conferences. They are held in China, Colombia even Hawaii. All the locations are here. The main topic is JavaScript and all the lectures are conducted by a group of experienced enthusiasts eager to share with their knowledge. What’s great is that they attracted sponsorship and attendees from such companies as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. The early bird tickets are on sale now and start at €205. 

Game Developers Conference

GDC is the game industry’s premier conference that supports the work of game developers and the advancement of their craft. The event runs from March 16 to March 20 in San Francisco. It gathers all people interested in the gaming business. Here you can learn how to create an impressive game app and run a successful game business. Also, get inspired by the achievements of others and participate in various interesting discussion panels. The schedule includes topics such as “Real-time character dynamics” by David Coleman (Microsoft) or “Adapting: Working in games with chronic illness” by Victoria Dorn (Sony Interactive Entertainment). 


In 2020 mDevCamp returns with the 9th edition of the largest mobile app concentrated conference in Central Europe. This year’s schedule will cover topics of hacking, AI, augmented and virtual reality, IOS, Android and life hacks for developers. It’s definitely a go-to tech event that you don’t want to miss. Last year we could listen to Sangsoo Nam from Spotify, Andrea Falcon from Google or Mike Grabowski from Callstack. Who will join us on May 29 in Prague? Tickets start from €97 but only until January 16th so hurry up. 

App Promotion Summit

APS will come back on April 2 in London to once again talk about the top growth marketing strategies. This one day is filled with short talks and deep discussions as well as many interactive sessions. All are provided by the world’s top app growth experts. The 2020 agenda will cover app growth through influencer marketing, App Store Optimization, user acquisition, analytics, engagement, and retention. Among the attendees, they were already members of Adidas, Revolut, Snapchat or Twitter. The conference takes place also in NYC and Berlin. You can register here


It is the largest Android-only conference that brings together all Android developers to talk about the newest trends connected to this environment and its development. The conference is divided into several smaller lectures. The main topics are testing, security, smart home solutions, mobile payment solutions, and many other innovations. DroidCon will be held in Berlin July 1-3 and the ticket price is €359 (regular) or €119.00 (student). 


The last one is a cherry on top as it takes place also in Poland and even in our home city – Cracow. Although it’s not entirely about mobile apps, the mobile app development topic covers a large part of the agenda at this year’s event. Other areas that will be discussed during lectures are for example Cloud services, Java SE, and the Internet of Things. The conference takes place on June 17-19 and the pass entry costs 999 PLN (€250 + 23% VAT).

Choose mobile apps events wisely

In this text, we don’t want to encourage you to walk around the entire conference and visit each booth and generally waste time. When going to conferences, it’s best to review the agenda, see what is most valuable to us, and go only to these events. Workshops are usually the best choice. Just as big presentations are a form of show, the workshops focus on providing specific knowledge to the participants helping them develop. That’s why choose wisely. Another leash or pen is not worth much when instead you can meet people from whom you can learn a lot or with whom you will work in the future.

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