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26 December 2020
Julianna Sykutera

What it’s like to develop apps for partners in Chicago

Chicago, The city that works, has a special place in our hearts. Not only a great travel destination but also it’s a city with high potential when it comes to innovation! It’s here where our team successfully delivered many web and mobile app development projects. Here we also met and enter into a partnership with our clients – to whom we still provide maintenance services. In our personal opinion, app development for partners in Chicago is just pure pleasure!

Mobile app development in Chicago 

The city we can all thank for the first brownie recipe is also a place where we had a chance to realize many interesting projects. From a personal training app to a digital platform for booking, sales, and in-house management. Thanks to mutual understanding and active communication the client’s product vision and our minds immediately click with each other. The collaboration runs smoothly as we exchange useful information on a daily basis and contact regularly to discuss a plan for further development. 

Following the same process, we delivered the ChiTown Trainer and Elevated Living. Two great apps for Chicago-based companies. 

In-Home Personal Training App 

The company wanted to create a digital environment for trainers and gym enthusiasts to facilitate their interaction. The main purpose was to develop an end-to-end business management solution that would enable customers but also the app owners to easily manage all services. 

Redvike’s team consisting of a Frontend developer, Backend developer, and our Project Manager delivered a customized solution that offers both mobile and web access with separate interfaces for clients, trainers, managers, and owners. Using powerful, modern technologies such as React. js, React Native, or Node. js, we developed the whole system with dedicated user-specific dashboards allowing all sorts of users for managing their operations using one, custom platform. 

training app

ChiTown Trainer is an app for on-demand personal trainers that now allows for training schedules, diet planning, and even online shopping! 

  • Chosen technologies (React.js & React Native specifically) helped to cut the time needed to finalize the software development process 
  • Well project management made it possible to generate significant savings 
  • Regular meetings resulted in successful collaboration and a satisfied client! 

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Health & Wellness Digital Solution 

Another great software development project completed in Chicago is Elevated Living. The digital platform was about to serve as an app for amenity management, booking, and sale of services. The company partners with residential luxury apartments where it provides a health & wellness experience that is to attract and retain tenants.

After a throughout project analysis, our team designed and developed the solution from scratch using the technology we know inside-out. Using React. js and React Native we covered mobile and web versions including several permissions tailored to internal and client users. We also used Java and Stripe during payment system integration. 

Elevated Living is now a platform that helps activate luxury property amenity spaces and provide people with health & wellness experiences! 

  • Daily communication allowed for quick improvements and immediate reactions to any obstacles on the way
  • Critical thinking helped us all to think out of the box and build something original 
  • The start-to-finish protocol allowed for mutual understanding of needs and to bring the client’s product vision to life

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Can’t wait for future challenges!

We are beyond happy that we successfully accomplished two long-term software projects for clients located on another continent. It’s always a challenge on the communicational and organizational level but today we have no worries considering the results. 

These types of challenges always teach us something new about product management, but also about the very contact with the client. Each collaboration brings a lot to the table and makes us ready to start bigger projects. It’s good to grow through such opportunities! 

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