16 May

React Native for Windows announced by Microsoft this week

By Bartłomiej Rgacewicz

React Native is responsible for simplifying and fastening the process of making apps for Android and iOS. This frameworks allows to write JavaScript code and simply run it on both platforms. It already featured plugins and extension for targeting Windows and macOS, but there hasn’t been official support from Microsoft itself. The idea of Microsoft is based on rewriting many components in C++ to get the best performance possible. As well as not limiting usage of the framework just to PCs. It allows developers to make apps for any Windows 10 device – PCs, tablets, Xbox and mixed reality devices. Through this move, Microsoft provides developers with the level of optimization for its ecosystem which hasn’t been available ever before.

Microsoft’s project was released on GitHub and can be tested by developers today. Microsoft is planning to update and develop it in the future versions.

If you want to check it out – here’s the repository

If you would like to learn more about the possibilites of developing apps for Microsoft’s ecosystem here’s one of our recent articles about building apps for Xbox

What does it mean for Redvike?

At Redvike we aim to deliver the best React Native apps for our customers around the world. The fact that Microsoft decided to support React Native is worth notice especially when we build apps for different platforms. It helps us to reduce the costs of development for Windows and be able to make user-experience unified. It means that the way people interact with an app on their phones would be similar to the interactions with the desktop or Xbox app.

Finally, the support of AR devices delivered by Microsoft can be very influential. There are multiple ways in which React Native can help to make AR more accessible for our clients. Even though, we have to wait a bit for official demo to be able to tell more about ways in which AR can be implemented. Before this comes, we invite you to read our last article about React Native – React Native vs. Flutter – Which Is Right for You?

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