17 February

Thanks for good reviews of our work!

By Bartłomiej Rgacewicz

It’s been a while since our second birthday. Two years period is long enough to projects and observe how they face the market. We are proud that thanks to our partners work and our input, some of them succeeded and today we would like to thank for reviews of our work.During last year, we worked on multiple projects. We were responsible for designing UX and UI. We prepared and service Cloud Services like AWS. Last but not least, we built Web and Mobile Apps on the top of that.


“Redvike demonstrated both professionalism and flexibility from start to finish.” ~ Ismo Paananen, CEO Agendium Ltd.

For Agendium we prepared Web App. Through this process, UX/UI saw significant improvement and the speed of the whole app grew. This version of the app is the base. As a part of our work, we prepared the product to be ready for future developmet. Agendium would like to do it in-house.


“Redvike is helping take us to the next level by transforming into a tech company.” ~ Konrad Koczwara, CEO ElevatedLiving

For ElevatedLiving our job was to deliver a platform which would help ElevatedLiving to offer personalized fitness services for its customers in B2C as well as B2B model. This is how ChiTown was born. In order to simplify navigation and make the final app as easy to use as it is possible, we created the mobile app, web app and whole ecosystem from scratch. ChiTown offers its services for people who would like to exercise as well as trainers and managers. Through ChiTown they can arrange an exercise session in a gym chosen by the user, so there’s no need to go to the same gym every day and depend on its availability.

Lead Generation Platform

“There’s a lot of interest in the platform.” ~ Product Lead, Lead Gen Software

We built the Lead Generation Platform from scratch using AngularJS and WordPress. The platform integrates APIs like Google Maps and Stripe. It’s yet to launch, but thanks to our cooperation we were able to provide Lead Gen Software’s team with feedback. This input  helped them to shape the plan of their products development. The next phase was to start developing the platform. During this process the flexibility of assigning our teammates to the projects, helped us to constantly expand functionalities of the platform. Finally, whole cooperation was efficient, and we worked as a developing team for our partner’s Product Leader.


“They created a very cool product and used all modern technologies.” ~ Co-Founder, CallPage

CallPage is a project, which provides its users with the possibility to call users of their website and provide them with the highly-personalized level of services. The idea behind this product and our execution of it helped CallPage to deliver high-quality widget. This tool brings access to directly contact people by a call. It is especially useful in sales and direct marketing because it simplifies the process of gathering all the information needed. For example, when you want to buy a new car, it is easier to talk to the salesman who would offer you the best options and prices instead of doing everything manually in the configurator. If you want to deeply understand our work with CallPage, we described it in one of our case studies.

Finally, we are proud that we can deliver high-quality services to our partners around the world. On a daily basis, we pay attention to understand the needs of our partners and customers. That’s why we hope to see even more successful projects and founders who work with us in the future. Do not hesitate – contact us at [email protected]!


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