Simplified LeadGen partnering Accountants and Clients throughout Norway
The Pitch

Regino Co-founders - Jan and Marius - were launching a new business: a platform to streamline the LeadGen process of the accountancy world from both the Client and Partner side. They hoped to secure a reliable technical partner to develop this industry-specific solution, allowing them to scale at an acceptable velocity, while other platforms failed to serve this niche.

They supplied Redvike with an extensive list of requirements; we got on with the rest!

Requirements Breakdown:

  • A time-efficient solution for onboarding, then validating, prospective partners; be it by a manager (manually), or the Norwegian Public Company API.
  • Timeboxed representation of all Lead, Partner, and Manager actions; with high-priority tasks clearly visible in the CRM.
  • Smart lead aggregation allowing Partners to specify parameters, and with clear visualizations of each step of the application process.
  • Seamless interaction between Leads and Partners.
  • A highly secure platform - protected from spam and unsolicited outreach.
  • The crux: a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use system.
The Process

We took the platform outline and broke the core requirements down into their specific use cases. From this, we were able to understand the precise technologies to deploy, ensuring the App met both business and functional needs while benefiting from the latest technologies. With an outline design provided by the client, we were able to work collaboratively, evolving an effective lead generation solution targeting the accounting world.

  • We took the client designs, shared feedback, then continued to work in tandem; defining the perfect product from a UX, business logic, as well as technical, standpoint.
  • We developed an easily-followed, multi-step onboarding process for both Leads and Partners.
  • We integrated a complex system of timeboxed actions using labels and reactive timers to surface P1 tasks.
  • We implemented sophisticated security measures - including a penalty system for Partners - mitigating system abuse and spam.
The Result

Thanks to a communicative process adopted from the outset, we were able to evolve and develop a solution perfectly aligned to Regino’s vision. Not only do the team now have a clear point-of-difference from competitors, but they also have an intuitive platform resulting in high client conversion.

  • Users have responded positively to the platform; with the quality of the experience underlined by the high client conversion.
  • Feedback suggests Regino have the most intuitive LeadGen platform of the Nordic countries.
  • The platform offers a clear USP for the company, boosting customer acquisition and growth.
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