RMRKTR - Email Retargeting Platform

Optimising sales through intelligent email marketing
The Pitch

RMRKTR is one of Poland’s leading sales optimization agencies using direct email marketing to monetize client audiences. Following a phase of hyper-growth, their disparate marketing systems became too much of an overhead to manage effectively. Efficiencies decreased as employees had to balance many moving parts, so a change was required to introduce more scalable process.

  • RMRKTR were using a number of different mailing systems to manage campaigns, which became extremely inefficient as client numbers multiplied.
  • Internal tools were based on separate microservices putting unnecessary strain on the technical team as the system was difficult to maintain.
  • The existing toolset was not designed for the analytics and reporting requirements of clients; RMRKTR would need an updated back-end to satisfy future needs.
The Process

Redvike built an infrastructure that automated core processes, reducing manual overhead and freeing resource to focus on campaign management. Leveraging AWS - and with the support of a custom CMS - RMRKTR now have a direct mail campaign tool that can not only handle high project volumes with ease but can also generate the level of in-depth analytics required by clients.

  • We built an internal tool using a variety of microservices, automating the campaign building process and removing the majority of manual overhead.
  • The systems architecture was built using AWS with a structure of interconnected components streamlining the campaign management process.
  • A custom CMS holds all campaign data, providing sophisticated reporting via detailed analytics.
The Result

RMRKTR can grow comfortably, thanks to their redesigned internal services, while automation has freed resource to refocus on key activities. Improved efficiencies have allowed the team to onboard new clients, without adding unnecessary stress or strain to the wider organization.

  • The new internal tool has increased internal efficiencies several-fold thanks to its microservices-based structure.
  • Increased availability of resource has allowed RMRKTR to bring on more clients without putting the business at risk.
  • Sophisticated analytics offers in-depth tracking of campaigns, ensuring clients can fully-understand performance and tweak strategies to optimize open rates.
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