10 Most Common Mistakes During MVP Development

Before starting, we first have to know – what is an MVP in the context of software development? MVP is an acronym that stands for “Minimum Viable Product”. Basically, it’s a version of a product with a basic set of features which represent the core functionalities of the final product (app, website, landing page etc.). […]

Challenges of Edtech App Development in 2021

Today, as the world is still fighting the COVID pandemic, e-learning is more relevant than ever. As of January 2021, almost 60% of the world population has access to the internet through their mobiles or computers, and therefore access to any of the hundreds of educational platforms and apps out there. The educational technology (Edtech) […]

How to measure the ROI and performance of your app: key steps and metrics

Every entrepreneur should be able to answer the question of whether their product is successful. Why? Because measuring the performance of your product, you can define its future and from here you can plan most of the steps for further growth. Of course, to answer the question correctly, first, you need to know how to […]

Innovative features of Node.js app development

Building an app you expect developers to base it on a solid backend technology. You need a good foundation for your product that will hold it all together and allow the app to serve its purposes. For many, Node.js is a go-to technology for secure app development and there is certainly more than one reason […]

Characteristics of Agile Software Development

Humans are imperfect. We know it, we accept it, and it’s part of what makes us human. Regardless of how careful we are, a few of these mistakes shall always remain in the product. What we need is a system that allows for mistakes – one that not only takes miscommunication and hiccups during a […]

Emerging Trends in Voice Recognition Technology in 2021

We’ve just entered another year and we can already observe some post-Covid changes emerging in the tech world. Among many innovations, touchless technologies such as voice-activated assistants and Conversational AI are in the absolute spotlight. The previous year has already been hailed as the year of voice technology. The pandemic only strengthened the development of […]

Top 5 Voice Recognition Startups that can Change our Future

2020 turned out to be very generous to many companies as venture capital firms began exploring new global markets. As a result of opening to more regions, the San Francisco Bay Area is now home to 19% of startups who received funding in the last year. Among them, we selected the top 5 voice recognition […]

Why companies from Finland outsource software development to Poland?

Finland, as well as other Nordic countries, experienced a tech transformation. The growing number of digital companies are in constant demand for qualified developers ready to support their solutions. The need for specialists is of course followed by a significant increase in developers’ salary in that region. However, not all companies are willing to spend […]