Software Development Cycle: Don’t test implementation details

When I’ve started my journey with React learning, using tools like redux, redux-thunks, reselect, or different helpful libraries came up really easy, except unit testing. Every time I’ve started writing tests for a new application I’ve dropped doing it after testing some amount of components. Mostly because I wasn’t convinced that my tests are useful […]

How cloud computing benefits a business

According to statistics, cloud data centers will be responsible for processing 94% of workloads in 2021. Considering that 90% of companies already use cloud services, the prediction is very much reliable. With such a high adoption, there must be a strong reason why so many trusted the solution and invested in the cloud-based hosting. Here, […]

5 Advantages of React JS

As a React js development company with years of experience in delivering React-based applications, we know this technology inside out. And not only we know it, but we love it. Today we would like to share with you reasons behind our choice to create software projects this way. Here come the 5 advantages of React […]

Innovative Features of React Native Development

React Native earned no 1. place among the most used cross-platform mobile frameworks of 2019 and 2020. According to statistics, 42% of software developers worldwide use React Native as their main framework for mobile app development. And it’s not a surprise as the technology offers a long list of advantages that accelerate the work on […]

Pros and Cons of Firebase

Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) became a popular type of Cloud Services. They enable entrepreneurs and businesses to create digital products without investing in building their backend infrastructure. Among available cloud-computing solutions, there is Firebase held by Google. The platform gained a lot of attention offering useful services that accelerate product development. Today we take a closer look […]

Top 5 companies using React Native

With the ever-rising popularity of React Native, we could notice some great examples of applying the technology into products. Despite being rather recent, it’s been already used by many startups and enterprises of various sizes and from different industry sectors. From all the examples we distinguished a list of top 5 companies using React Native. […]

What were the changes in e-learning development during the last 10 years?

The last decade has transformed e-learning into a new digital world for sharing knowledge. Advances in artificial intelligence, digitalization, and modern technology gave rise to educational platforms that today are widely adopted in academic and work environments. Who would have thought that the Edtech industry will today be one of the leading on the market? […]

Top 5 e-learning trends which you should follow

With the development of the Internet and mobile devices, e-learning became a huge branch of education. Its global market is expected to grow beyond $398 billion by 2026. Nowadays, e-learning is adopted in many academic facilities and workplaces, providing people with a flexible, cost-effective, and time-saving way to acquire knowledge. The list of its benefits […]