Pros and cons of e-learning

E-learning is a huge advantage of Internet development as it gives us an opportunity to train ourselves in different areas of our interests. We’ve already analyzed the effectiveness of e-learning in education in our previous article. We know about its potential to actually surpass the traditional teaching method in the future. Now it’s time to […]

What poor quality assurance can lead to: The importance of QA testing

Quality assurance is to make sure a product is safe for general use. Meaning it doesn’t have any bugs or errors that would negatively affect the users’ privacy and their overall satisfaction. QA testing takes place after each stage of the software development life cycle and it’s a process that greatly contributes to the success […]

Post-pandemic future of the healthcare industry

The national health crisis had to finally burst out as the healthcare system stays far away from being efficient and organized. While the Covid-19 drains the resources of the hospitals and medical facilities all over the world, we wonder what the post-pandemic future of the healthcare industry will look like. Once the pandemic is over, […]

How can startups survive Coronavirus pandemic?

Startups have to dynamically develop in order to compete with other businesses on the market. Unfortunately, the ongoing crisis blocks and severely slows down the development of many companies putting their future at risk. Since the lockdown consequences are difficult to withstand even for bigger enterprises, how can startups survive the Coronavirus pandemic? Where there’s […]

What is Apple and Google collaboration against Covid-19?

In times of the Covid-19 pandemic, governments and health institutions combine forces to protect society and the economy from collapsing. The need for joint actions made Apple and Google work together on the solution that will reduce the spread of the virus. The Apple and Google collaboration against Covid-19 plans to combat the pandemic with […]

How to estimate a software project?

Software development projects almost always undergo subsequent iterations. A client can add new requirements or suggest corrections that broaden the scope of a project. And while the scope of the project’s functionalities may change, the project delivery deadline shouldn’t be delayed and can’t be postponed forever. That’s why it’s sometimes difficult to accurately estimate a […]

What is technical debt?

Clear code, consistent design, and innovative, modern solutions are the three most valued aspects that enable systematic app development. They represent the level of quality desired on the market and reflect the company’s involvement in the collaboration. Despite them being the ultimate standard of IT services, not every company delivers such results. The reason for […]

Influence of 5G network on the development of mobile apps

Over the years we’ve experienced different levels of satisfaction using the internet. After the introduction of 4G LTE, we thought that’s the speed we were waiting for. Apparently, none of us was expecting 5G Wireless Networks to enter the market. At least, not those who have knowledge of telecommunication and are following the development of […]