How to distinguish a good Node.js developer

Node.js is used for traditional web sites and back-end API services. It allows software developers to launch both the frontend and backend of web apps using JavaScript. It’s a powerful and robust framework that stole many hearts in the coding society…our’s too. Currently, the demand for Node developers is quite high and many software houses […]

What it’s like to develop apps for partners in Chicago

Chicago, The city that works, has a special place in our hearts. Not only a great travel destination but also it’s a city with high potential when it comes to innovation! It’s here where our team successfully delivered many web and mobile app development projects. Here we also met and enter into a partnership with […]

Why Quick MVP Development is So Important

Sometimes clients ask us about the process of MVP development and the reason why we build products this way. The very concept was explained in the article about Airbnb but today we want to focus on the importance of timing in building your app. As MVP is your product in version 1.0, it offers many […]

Challenges with Voice Recognition Development

The direct reason why voice technology has been improving through the last 10 years is the high demand for comfort, efficiency, and increased speed of processing. Users’ expectations of digital products have changed. Today, the ability to perform multiple operations at once is what creates the hierarchy in the device category. Most of us just […]

Firebase services – How to prepare for business scaling?

When you’re slowly reaching the scaling phase, you want to optimize the vast majority of processes and decrease overall operational costs. We’ve talked about it in the article on how to scale a startup business. A good way to optimize your costs is to invest in easy and cheap to maintain solutions – like Firebase. […]

React Native vs Xamarin

If you follow the latest trends in the app development sector, you know that React Native vs Xamarin is a common battle. They share a spot on the list of top cross-platform technologies. They both provide an environment for convenient development of products on multiple platforms at once. However, they have different functionalities which may […]

How to Build Another Duolingo

The success of the learning app Duolingo has motivated many entrepreneurs to try to build its replica. The startup located in Pittsburgh built an app that in 2019 was valued at $1.5 billion! If they made it, why not follow the trace and create something even bigger? Today, we’re diving into the company’s success to […]

How to Scale a Startup Business

There’s no easy way for startups to become corporate giants. It takes a lot of effort to transform your company into a competitive enterprise. That’s why if you’re a founder and you think about stepping into the next chapter – we have all the answers to the question: how to scale a startup business.  Most […]