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The Best Educational Apps Built with the Use of React.js

EdTech developers provide solutions that offer tremendous opportunities for the education industry. Using today’s technology they are able to create an immersive learning experience in a compact form of an application. Some of the products are amazing in helping people to expand or improve their skills. They can track students’ performance and motivate them to […]

5 Advantages of React JS

As a React js development company with years of experience in delivering React-based applications, we know this technology inside out. And not only we know it, but we love it. Today we would like to share with you reasons behind our choice to create software projects this way. Here come the 5 advantages of React […]

Build your own Redux

If you have ever worked with React, you probably heard about Redux. Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript Apps. In this piece, I would explain how it works and what is flux architecture. Why Flux Architecture? Because this is the group of paradigms on which Redux is based. The goal of this article […]

PureComponent in React – Do not forget about it!

Building React app is all about creating components and wiring them together. We can have a stateful or stateless component. React API gives us a couple of ways how we can declare them. There is a functional component, Class Component, and PureComponent. Today I want to share my experience and knowledge about working with PureComponent […]

Build Xbox App with React

Before I start working on my first Xbox application I thought that I need to know at least one native language like C# to build it. But after some research, I had recognized that all I need is JavaScript. (And WIN10, Visual studio with gigabytes of dependencies). So if it’s possible to write such an […]

What’s new in React 16.6 and 16.7?

The version 16.6 of React was released on 24th October 2018. We can divide features and changes from this release into two groups. The first one contains functionalities created to prevent unnecessary re-rendering of components, which increases the efficiency of the app. And the other group is about lazy-loading of our components without a need […]

Dependency Injection in Angular

Introduction So, Dependency Injection is a Design Pattern which became really popular in software development recently, mostly because of Java developers, but it’s also commonly used by C, .NET, Php and of course by JavaScript developers. The Angular team has extensively used Dependency Injection pattern since the first versions, and in the new implementation of […]