How to reach your potential users with your app? – What really works in 2019? Part II

We are coming back to the art of attracting people to your product. 2019 is definitely a year of changes that need to be applied in order to get users and their attention. Since marketing trends are rapidly changing, many strategies are not as effective as they used to be. Among hundreds of tactics, we […]

How to reach your customers with your app? What really works in 2019? – Part 1

When you’ve done building an app you may feel like you finished the hardest part of the business plan. Apart from the software of the app, which is crucial, the promotion has a decisive influence on the popularity and total sale of the product. It includes the activities to make your app outstanding in front […]

LeadR – How we improved mailing automatization tool?

As you may know, people are not only using the software in high-tech sectors. Nowadays, technology and software engineering is commonly used to build solutions for i.e. sales or marketing. The part of those two subjects is the promotion via the Internet. Generally, that is the reason why LeadR needed to build its project with […]

Why “code review” scheme is the perfect formula for the process of personal development for every developer?

Recently, we started New Year which as usual was the occasion, to sum up and think about our goals for the next year. However, making a sum up just because a year has just ended is not the best reason. Probably you won’t take full advantage of this process. So what is the best way […]