What were the changes in e-learning development during the last 10 years?

The last decade has transformed e-learning into a new digital world for sharing knowledge. Advances in artificial intelligence, digitalization, and modern technology gave rise to educational platforms that today are widely adopted in academic and work environments. Who would have thought that the Edtech industry will today be one of the leading on the market? […]

Top 5 e-learning trends which you should follow

With the development of the Internet and mobile devices, e-learning became a huge branch of education. Its global market is expected to grow beyond $398 billion by 2026. Nowadays, e-learning is adopted in many academic facilities and workplaces, providing people with a flexible, cost-effective, and time-saving way to acquire knowledge. The list of its benefits […]

Pros and cons of e-learning

E-learning is a huge advantage of Internet development as it gives us an opportunity to train ourselves in different areas of our interests. We’ve already analyzed the effectiveness of e-learning in education in our previous article. We know about its potential to actually surpass the traditional teaching method in the future. Now it’s time to […]

What is the effectiveness of e-learning platforms in education?

The rapid evolution of the learning environment has led us to the point where we can learn almost anything we want through the Internet. The education system has adapted to new media, delivering e-learning platforms as the online basis of courses conducted at the universities. Online platforms are also a source of communication between students […]

Post-pandemic future of the healthcare industry

The national health crisis had to finally burst out as the healthcare system stays far away from being efficient and organized. While the Covid-19 drains the resources of the hospitals and medical facilities all over the world, we wonder what the post-pandemic future of the healthcare industry will look like. Once the pandemic is over, […]

How lockdown impacted the startup world: 5 biggest winners and 5 biggest losers

With companies experiencing lockdown consequences, many have suspended hiring, reduced salaries, and laid off people. But even though Coronavirus put many businesses in the process of closing down, there are some startups that only gained a boost. Can we say there are positives of how lockdown impacted the startup world? Let’s have a look at […]

How to reach your potential users with your app? – What really works in 2019? Part II

We are coming back to the art of attracting people to your product. 2019 is definitely a year of changes that need to be applied in order to get users and their attention. Since marketing trends are rapidly changing, many strategies are not as effective as they used to be. Among hundreds of tactics, we […]

How to reach your customers with your app? What really works in 2019? – Part 1

When you’ve done building an app you may feel like you finished the hardest part of the business plan. Apart from the software of the app, which is crucial, the promotion has a decisive influence on the popularity and total sale of the product. It includes the activities to make your app outstanding in front […]