How to find the best mobile app development company?

It’s not easy to get your way around swimming in the sea of mobile app development companies. The choice is pretty satisfying but what’s with the quality? Not every company will meet your expectations regarding the final product. That’s why we want to guide you through the IT world and help you identify the best […]

What is React Native used for?

Software developers appreciate technologies that besides offering high-quality outcomes, are also pleasant to work with. That’s why recently, React Native gained so much popularity in the IT field. The technology certainly has much to offer that’s why today we’re going to focus on – what is React Native used for. React js. and React Native […]

Mobile Banking Apps – Trends for 2020

What has changed in the banking sector is the increase in customers using online platforms and apps to monitor their accounts. Since more people became familiar with mobile banking the traditional way of securing their data has become uncertain. What’s more, there are enough people for whom the traditional way of using banking service is […]

10 mobile apps events to attend in 2020

With the upcoming new year, there are a lot of interesting and worth visiting tech conferences and mobile apps events planned. It’s a great opportunity for companies to learn about new technologies, expand their business network and show their product or services to the worldwide audience. Among hundreds of tech events, there are several that […]

Influence of 5G network on the development of mobile apps

Over the years we’ve experienced different levels of satisfaction using the internet. After the introduction of 4G LTE, we thought that’s the speed we were waiting for. Apparently, none of us was expecting 5G Wireless Networks to enter the market. At least, not those who have knowledge of telecommunication and are following the development of […]

How does the app testing process look like?

To invent and create an app is one thing but to make it stable and reliable is a different story. When bringing up the subject of testing, people tend to think about analyzing product performance when it is already used by the users. The crucial part of building an app is, in fact, the testing […]

How many health apps are there 2019?

If you finally decided to take care of your health, you’re doing that in most suitable time. 2019 has a lot to offer considering over 318 000 health apps available on the market. You can choose from fitness classes to sleep monitoring and even try out one of the medical mobile apps to make an […]

Subscription vs. purchase business model. Which one is better for your app?

Today we are going to take a closer look at the two most common strategies on the market – subscription vs. purchase. From one side we have a one-time payment model where people own a product after purchase. From the other, there is the subscription for which the users have to pay monthly or annually. […]