Pros and Cons of Firebase

Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) became a popular type of Cloud Services. They enable entrepreneurs and businesses to create digital products without investing in building their backend infrastructure. Among available cloud-computing solutions, there is Firebase held by Google. The platform gained a lot of attention offering useful services that accelerate product development. Today we take a closer look […]

How to find the best mobile app development company?

It’s not easy to get your way around swimming in the sea of mobile app development companies. The choice is pretty satisfying but what’s with the quality? Not every company will meet your expectations regarding the final product. That’s why we want to guide you through the IT world and help you identify the best […]

Top 5 companies using React Native

With the ever-rising popularity of React Native, we could notice some great examples of applying the technology into products. Despite being rather recent, it’s been already used by many startups and enterprises of various sizes and from different industry sectors. From all the examples we distinguished a list of top 5 companies using React Native. […]

What poor quality assurance can lead to: The importance of QA testing

Quality assurance is to make sure a product is safe for general use. Meaning it doesn’t have any bugs or errors that would negatively affect the users’ privacy and their overall satisfaction. QA testing takes place after each stage of the software development life cycle and it’s a process that greatly contributes to the success […]

User stories – how to prepare them and make them work for you

The act of creating user stories lays in the nature of the Agile technique. User stories in the form of simple constructs help to clarify the functionalities of the product from a user’s point of view. Putting users’ needs at the center of brainstorm, the chances are to come up with new desired features that […]

The strategy behind the regular app update

When thinking about app development, the two most important aspects are maintenance and support of the product. It takes some time before founders find the one exceptional business model. Meanwhile, the app has to be constantly developed through regular updates. Only when supported through subsequent iterations, the app has a chance to survive on the […]