How should you choose your software house?

There are enough software development agencies on the market among which one can choose their business partner. At the same time, the decision making part gets tougher. Whether you’re an experienced IT-related businessman or you have no interest in this subject, choosing your software house is an important step in the delivery of your app. […]

Outsourcing for non-technical founders

In today’s society, a big part of the industry relies on the IT sector. Companies wanting to expand the business reach out to specialists to build a website or an app, increasing their range. Outsourcing has become so popular that it’s the first thing that pops up in your head when you need something, you […]

Why should designers constantly collaborate with developers?

Creating a product you need expertise from many different fields. You won’t build an app without a plan and you won’t write code if you don’t know what should be the outcome. Those two disciplines cross with each other when it comes to working on a project. It’s when designers and programmers should combine forces […]

Transition into subscription business model

When observing the market trends you may notice that a significant number of companies have switched from purchase to the subscription business model. It’s very common to move in this direction since many advantages the model possesses which was detailed explained in the article:  Subscription vs purchase business model. You as a founder may also want […]

Is there a successful startup that has outsourced its MVP?

Outsourcing is based on delegating part of the project to other companies or individuals who have knowledge in the needed area. This kind of sharing responsibilities is proved to be a win-win strategy during the development of huge projects but also it is recommended for smaller companies who have just entered the market and need […]

Why you should choose Firebase for your app backend

What is Firebase? Firebase is a mobile and web development platform build on Google infrastructure. It delivers 18 ready to use services including Machine Learning Kit. With Firebase it’s super easy and straightforward to setup your app authentication flow, store users data or analyze the usage. It is perfect for MVPs but not only. Available […]

How we maintain app codebase so you always get a truly valuable product?

In Redvike we always strive to deliver unique mobile apps which provide modern design and amazing user experience. This is usually the main target of our clients who want to persuade people to become paying customers, but that’s only a small part of our work. After reading this short post you will understand how we […]

10 things you need to be sure while building a product

To build a great product that satisfies users and generates money is a lot of work, nerves, and patience. As an entrepreneur, you may want to create something that is yours. Having the idea in mind, most likely you will go with the flow of excitement and start the process before you even think about […]