How a developer, marketer, and designer make your app stands out from the crowd. Analyzing the performance of the product.

The tech market has been filled with applications that take care of you, your life and your work. So many interesting positions yet we encounter more and more ideas captured in one app that still brings some value to our life. How is it possible that having such an enormous choice on the market, companies […]

What are the biggest challenges of product development for startups?

Founders of startups know exactly that building an empire is not a piece of cake. Behind the prototype, there are hundreds of hours spent on rethinking the idea from theoretical to practical aspects. At every point, there is a financial gap to fill in and an innovation that has to be covered to be better […]

How to switch development teams without the costs and pain?

Switching development teams is daunting. Fail to plan, and you could incur huge costs and encounter unexpected technical debt. Yet follow a tried-and-tested method, and you’ll be well on your way to a smooth handover without the migration hiccups. Why switch development teams? Founders and CEO’s switch developers for any number of reasons: cost-cutting, a […]

Story of Redvike – Building a software development agency!

Redvike was registered as a business on 27th March 2016, but we didn’t start trading until August 27th; hence, we view the 27th as our official launch date. So, at the dawn of our second birthday, it feels right to share the opening chapters of the Redvike story. What started out as two person’s dream […]