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14 February 2020
Julianna Sykutera

How a developer, marketer, and designer make your app stands out from the crowd. Analyzing the performance of the product

The tech market has been filled with applications that take care of you, your life and your work. So many interesting positions yet we encounter more and more ideas captured in one app that still brings some value to our life. How is it possible that having such an enormous choice on the market, companies find their way out creating a new product? And how is it still unique?

The Process

In the beginning phase, there should always be three people in the room. Developer, marketer, and designer. They form a team of specialized individuals who by working together deliver high-quality products. Discussing the project with a client each person will pay attention to different aspects of the dialogue. The aspects that are related to their profession. For a developer, it would be the architecture of the product. For a designer, everything connected to the final look of the app (UI/UX). The marketer listens to the idea and thinks if the product has any chance to succeed and match its target group. Also, if there is a need for such a product. 

Checking & Testing

A crucial part of getting to know if a product is being accepted by the community is testing. At a time which the app is released to the market, the marketer and the developer can start the analysis of the performance. How the users navigate through the app and where they seem to get lost. Using tools like Hotjar or Yandex.metrica they can check for instance how much time people spent on their website. To have an even broader spectrum of action taken by the users they can simply leverage Google Analytics. When it comes to testing the mobile version of the app, a good choice would be Kobiton. It allows you to test both Android and IOS apps on real devices but it’s not the only option. Firebase is also a good tool equipped with functions like crush reporting, in-app purchase data, and deep linking performance. If you would like to learn more about testing mobile applications read this

It’s The Winning Position 

The collaboration between a developer, marketer, and designer ensures that in the moment of building the app no one thinks only about themselves. Each of the three professions crosses with each other to help the final product work even better. The marketer checks the sales results. The conversion rate or other factors that affect the satisfaction of clients and the sale and reacts accordingly. His strategic intuition helps in choosing the right sales channel judging by the market competition. It’s the person who knows that a good conversion rate means something different when it comes to the app, the website, the advertisements or the newsletters. That’s why a marketer is here to perform tasks a developer can’t do. Most importantly, having such a team, the response to the data is immediate. 

Technical Part

Of course, there are things that only a developer can do. It’s a person who doesn’t have to be familiar with the business but is a connection to the technology which can profit that business. That’s the main and the most important value he brings. By being closely related to the newest technology he knows how to program an app so that it wouldn’t cause problems in the future and would be easy to maintain and service. A developer thinks two or even three steps ahead all in the room. It’s the only person who knows how to build the idea and support it during the development process. The ability to judge and analyze tech capabilities of the product on the go is priceless cause we want to build software that is advanced, modern and prepared for the future. 

Design Part 

Where is the designer in it? It’s the person who creates the graphical layout of the app and takes care of its UX. A designer who was in the project from the very beginning will work faster on changes than someone freshly introduced. The designer will prepare the new interface knowing the client and their taste. Along with the marketer, they both can think of further development of the project so that the new functionalities meet with the needs of the users. What’s more, having a developer nearby, a designer can consult various technological options that are available to provide the wow effect. A good example of a tool is the animation library – React-Spring which enables you to create moving interfaces. Using the tool you can create animated objects and implement them in your project as it powers most UI related elements in React. 

Wrapping it up

Even though a developer, marketer, and designer alone can do a pretty good job, when working together, the reaction on what’s going on with the product is much quicker. Same thing with update release. Without the availability of all three that speeds up the decision-making process, there would be no chance to release a new version of the product every 2 weeks/a month. Each part of the project has to be taken care of by the right kind of people. That’s how you make your app stands out from the crowd. 

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