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Custom eLearning development that empowers education
We specialize in building and scaling eLearning applications, following the latest trends in Edtech, and modern technology to create an impactful learning experience.
We achieve the client’s objectives through in-depth business analysis
At Redvike we discover the potential of the product and develop a strategy that helps us deliver a competitive advantage. Your custom eLearning solution is developed under the eye of most devoted developers, designers, and project managers.
We can equip your product with
Voice recognition
Voice recognition software is used to convert spoken language into text by using speech recognition algorithms. It is used in products for people with disabilities, in in-cars systems but also in many eLearning solutions where we want to convert audio and video files into text.
If your eLearning product requires an operational panel or includes different layers of accessibility depending on the user, we can provide you with a built-in management dashboard to have better control over settings.
Have you ever played in PokemonGo? That’s the augmented reality in pure essence. AR uses interactive digital elements to enhance the real world and surround users with an immersive learning experience.
Suggestion engines
Your app can be equipped with software that analyzes available data to make suggestions for something that a website user might be interested in (book, a video, or a job, among other possibilities).
A popular way for driving engagement among users is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. Your eLearning app can be as educative as it can be a fun experience.
UX & Accessibility
We make sure your custom eLearning solution is easily accessible to people with disabilities and each feature is supported with a great UX design. What’s more, thanks to cross-platform development, your product will be available on multiple OS.
Content generation
The content in your product can be powered by AI technology. AI is able to learn from experience and already existing content and can analyse behavioural data so it’s smart enough to generate creative content.
We can cover your entire eLearning app with advanced analytics that will provide you with valuable data on how users interact with your product. Having access to such data, you can effectively optimize your platform to achieve better results.
We built an AI-powered solution to help children improve their English pronunciation
Astrid, a well-funded startup from Sweden, had developed the neural networks required to analyze English pronunciation and needed an experienced tech partner to build an interactive app for schools and teachers. Together, we’ve created an AI-powered application dedicated to education sector, containing features like sounds, animations, and real-time feedback that inspires children to keep practicing.
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“Redvike's flexible attitude, strong technical know-how and great communication has been instrumental to getting Astrid off the ground! Working with Redvike's team of strong, fun and communicative engineers has made our co-operation a breeze!”
John Almbecker
VP Product, Astrid
“Redvike's flexible attitude, strong technical know-how and great communication has been instrumental to getting Astrid off the ground! Working with Redvike's team of strong, fun and communicative engineers has made our co-operation a breeze!”
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    How we deliver your eLearning software

    Collecting project requirements

    We start by collecting the necessary details about your project. We choose the tech stack, define the team size and create a product backlog.

    Dividing the work into sprints

    Following the Agile methodology, we divide our work into weekly sprints. Each cycle starts with a planning session and ends with testing and stage summary with the whole team.

    Building and improving subsequent iterations

    Your eLearning solution is delivered through subsequent iterations that are improved and modified to achieve the final version. Thanks to daily communication we can easily collect your feedback on things to improve.

    Delivering your custom eLearning product

    Finally, we reach a point where the outcome meets your expectations and the solution is ready for deployment. That doesn’t mean our work has to end here. If you wish to further scale your product - we’re here to help!

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