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30 July 2020
Julianna Sykutera

How to find the best mobile app development company?

It’s not easy to get your way around swimming in the sea of mobile app development companies. The choice is pretty satisfying but what’s with the quality? Not every company will meet your expectations regarding the final product. That’s why we want to guide you through the IT world and help you identify the best mobile app development company. 

Mobile apps have become the most accessible channel to share content and experience with customers. No matter the industry in which your product will be growing and attracting customers, there are some things common for all mobile apps. To build a product from your dreams you need a group of professionals who also understand what an app should offer to its users.  

Finding the best mobile app development company 

Before you start searching for a company to build your mobile app get familiar with 10 things you need to be sure while building a product. It’s better to first educate yourself, to know what kind of questions you may receive during a meeting. Below there are criteria on which you should base your final choice. 

Professional experience 

First of all, you have to check the company’s expertise in building mobile applications. You don’t want to work with people who don’t specialize in this kind of solution but “will try”. How to identify their professional experience? Start by exploring their portfolio and their completed projects to see if they’ve already delivered something similar to your idea. See what kind of problems the team encountered during the development process and how they solved it. 

Then try to find as much information about the company as you can, for example how long the company is on the market, what kind of clients they work with, etc. This way you will identify if the company is reliable and ready for your challenge. 


Here, you need to first define what’s your expectations regarding a mobile app. Do you want to build a native app or a PWA, maybe hybrid? What platform you choose for your product – iOS or Android. If you want to base your solution on advanced technology such as AI or Blockchain you have to look for a company that also specializes in these kinds of solutions. For example, at Redvike we offer Cloud Services that can speed up your time-to-market. 

Why you should build React Native mobile app 

Mobile app development technologies have evolved to the point you may not know which one is most suitable for your product. That’s why we want to introduce you to React Native mobile applications and their fantastic, incomparable performance. React Native is the answer to all problems connected with costs, time, performance, and scalability. It’s a technology that enables you to develop the same mobile app for both iOS and Android in half the time. This way cutting the costs associated with mobile app development and ensuring fewer inconsistencies between both platforms. Read about the top 5 companies using React Native that increased their app performance. 

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Cost of mobile app development 

The cost of development always depends on the complexity of a product. Because the complexity also determines how long it will take to build a mobile app. There are also other factors that influence the final cost such as the size of the team or the type of an app (native, hybrid, PWA). There isn’t a fixed price for a software product and the best mobile app development company would only charge you for the number of hours worked. This way you pay less for a product that includes basic functionalities and you pay more for a complex one. 

To visualize the range of costs of mobile app development, a single hour of a developer’s work can cost you $11 in Indonesia and $150 in North America. For many, the Golden mean is Eastern Europe when the price of development is proportional to the quality. You can always find the average costs on Clutch.co. But if you want to save on the development process you should seriously consider a hybrid app.

Development process 

You want to create your own product so the process of building it should not make you worry. The company you collaborate with needs to represent your values and be aware that you, as a client, have the right to know what phase the product is. That means – transparency of communication. The best mobile app development company is the one that keeps you always updated about the progress and has nothing to hide, giving you access to the project under development. 

The next thing is the methodology of work. How the company’s work model looks like. Are they Agile? It’s important that the mobile development company you work with is aware of the importance of testing stages and the general software development life cycle. We wrote about the 4 stages to build a perfect mobile app here.  

Client testimonials 

No one is more credible than the company’s clients. The last thing you can do to verify the reliability and expertise of a mobile app development company is to see their online reviews. By this, I mean not only the client testimonials but also ratings and the number of downloads of mobile applications that the company has built.

From an idea to launch 

Your product will shine only when it’s been developed by the right people. Through this article, we wanted to help you find the best mobile app development company that is trustworthy and won’t disappoint you with the outcome. If you currently looking for mobile app developers ready to craft your vision into a real product – contact us and let’s get to work!

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