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6 December 2019
Julianna Sykutera

Influence of 5G network on the development of mobile apps

Over the years we’ve experienced different levels of satisfaction using the internet. After the introduction of 4G LTE, we thought that’s the speed we were waiting for. Apparently, none of us was expecting 5G Wireless Networks to enter the market. At least, not those who have knowledge of telecommunication and are following the development of this field. Meanwhile, the news about the 5G network has already shaken the media. People wonder what changes it can cause and how big will be its general impact. We, on the other hand, consider the effect it has on mobile apps development. 

IoT solutions 

Internet of Things is an area that involves the communication of devices through the internet. The technology can be used in various ways creating innovative solutions across sectors like healthcare, automotive industry, weather monitoring, and more of which you can read here: IoT use cases. What still intrigues people is the idea of smart cities. The prediction is that by the end of 2020 there will be enough industrial connections (interconnected, digital sensors placed all over the cities) to create them. To build something like that you need to connect as many IoT devices as you can with little or no interferences at all. Then it’s possible to obtain real-time processing of data from the devices. Since the 5G network has a higher connection density, the IoT app developers finally have a chance to achieve that. Another brilliant solution would be streamlined transportation. Think of an app that can perfectly control your car to the point that you don’t have to pay attention to the road. 


A factor that may not sound so appealing is, that in fact, the signal doesn’t travel that well. Blocks, trees and even the weather can somehow block the transmission. What’s more, the signal only reaches a device that is in the direct line of sight of the 5G node. And if you stand in that line, the speed is indeed incredibly high. As you can see, the current stage of  5G technology, when tested in the real world, shows a lot of space for improvements. Nevertheless, we hope the final version will benefit everyone. 

New speed record

As we know, before the 5G there were other configurations carrying different characteristics. 

Here they are:

  • 3G technology can hit 2Mbps
  • 4G technology hits on average 20Mbps globally 
  • 5G can run at 10-50Gbps (and has the potential to reach even higher)

By comparing the features of all the predecessors, we see clearly that 5G speed goes beyond everything that we knew. That means, we can only speculate about the possibilities and new tech solutions it can bring but it’s definitely opening the doors to innovation in the mobile app sector. 

Video streaming & editing

The forecast is that video will make up 74% of all mobile traffic by 2024. The reason for that is that people will implement more videos to their online content. Users should be able to stream 4K videos with multiple camera angles from their smartphones without any delays. Another thing is the ability to edit videos and large files on the go using a mobile. That would be possible by splitting the process between the mobile and the cloud to have access to greater computing power. We can expect some great video editing 5G mobile apps like Adobe Premiere but made for mobiles and also new recording tools with a dedicated app. 

AR & VR  industry 

The introduction of the 5G allows for many outstanding performances in AR and VR industry. For instance, sharing 3D medical images with doctors around the world in real-time that would help in the diagnosis process. Medical apps equipped with such technology would greatly increase today’s level of healthcare improving the communication between specialists and understanding of the patient’s state. On the other hand, the 3D model sharing can be used also when designing your apartment. Imagine using an app that would project the 3D model of furniture in your room to see if it matches your space. 

Instant translations 

We already have access to different language-translator apps however, they work too slow to help us in real-life situations. Faster processing will allow for instant translations during, for instance, online conferences with people from all over the world. The feature would be helpful in the gaming sector too. Today we have a wide range of games but none of them process the language fast enough to translate it and provide a real-time conversation. Maybe, that will soon change. 

Influence of 5G on mobile apps development 

Summing up, the 5G will clearly improve the user experience. People will be able to download an entire HD movie in a matter of seconds. The apps will experience fewer abandonment rates due to no problems with loading or processing. The ability to implement higher quality of UI and the videos will only attract more users and make the designers focus on new UI solutions. What’s more, user feedback will be perfectly calculated with the real-time processing of data. That means the analysis of the app online experience will be much easier to define. Industries like the banking sector, healthcare industry, automotive industry or gaming sector will benefit the most from 5G technology. When it comes to apps available today the new network may improve their performance in areas: 

  • communication 
  • file transfer
  • transactions
  • navigation 
  • safety 

The 5G network isn’t widely available, however, it’s just a matter of time before big companies become interested in it. Even now they can test their products based on new technology. It means it may be the only such opportunity to be in the spotlight as a pioneer in this field. 

New opportunities

Working with higher speed equals increased productivity as well as the quality delivered. Finally, it’s not crazy to think about top-shelf innovations that were impossible having 4G. The new network offers the quality of work that we’ve always wanted and it opens a lot of doors in the IT sector. Maybe it should take several years before the 5G network works perfectly but use this time to your advantage. 

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