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Custom MyResman integration

MyResman provides a range of features to help property managers streamline their operations, improve communication with tenants, and manage financial transactions.

What you can achieve with MyResman integration

Investor management

Save your time and resources by minimizing the effort of answering investor questions. Increase your back office efficiency with ResMan’s investor management portal. Automate investor subscriptions and streamline manual processes.

Scalability and flexibility

MyResman solutions are designed to be scalable and flexible, catering to the needs of both small-scale and large-scale real estate operations. Proptech companies can adapt the software to serve their clients' specific requirements, whether they manage a single property or a vast portfolio of properties.

Data-driven insights and reporting

MyResman provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling proptech companies to gain valuable insights into their operations and their clients' properties. The software generates comprehensive reports on financial performance, occupancy rates, maintenance costs, and other key metrics.

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Web & Mobile App Development

Create your web or mobile application while working closely with our software developers. We take care of the consistency of UX/UI components and the high-performance of user interfaces.

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    Creating a unified platform for property management and resident engagement

    Elevated Living

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    Elevated Living is the leader in the luxury residential market. The company’s goal is to deliver the best resident experience solution. We teamed up to create a unified system for property management: managing buildings, events, maintenance, service orders, and other resident needs fulfillment.

    Redvike is helping take us to the next level by transforming into a tech company. They put a marked effort into communicating responsively and thoroughly understanding the client’s business for optimal results.

    Konrad Koczwara

    CEO, ElevatedLiving

    Creating an AI-powered English Learning app for Kids

    Astrid Education

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    Astrid is a Swedish company recognized in 2021 by HolonIQ as one of the 50 most promising EdTech startups from the Nordic and Baltic regions. The founders of Astrid developed neural networks able to analyze English pronunciation. Having the innovation ready, they needed an experienced tech partner to build an interactive app for children and educators.

    Redvike's flexible attitude, strong technical know-how and great communication has been instrumental to getting Astrid off the ground! Working with Redvike's team of strong, fun and communicative engineers has made our co-operation a breeze!

    John Almbecker

    VP Product, Astrid Education