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The Pitch

There's a swathe of business owners who don't have the expertise to create digital ads. So, TraxOne wanted to simplify the process to allow anyone to build an interactive promo in seconds. The idea was to offer a solution where users could add a few bits of information, hit generate, then see the advert in their ad management software; ready to serve via the App Nexus network - Conveyer is that solution.

  • Ad management platform TRAXOne wanted to make it easier for users to create beautiful ads in seconds
  • Users should be able to go to a website, choose their preferred ad type, add a few details, then publish the ad immediately
  • It’s ad-creation software for anyone who lacks the skill-set to mock-up an interactive advert

The Process

Redvike connected with Irish-based Conveyer to build Traxone’s ad-generation solution. We focused on the simplicity of the user experience to ensure anyone could create a fully responsive, interactive advert in just a few clicks. The Conveyer app offers three distinct ad types: sell a product, book an appointment, or capture personal information. The service also includes a basic CRM panel to allow managers to track performance and analytics. Plus, it integrates directly with TraxOne, acting as a native feature in the broader ad-management software

  • Redvike built a micro-react web app to allow users to generate responsive, interactive ads in just a few clicks
  • Users can customize the advert header, main image, body copy, CTA, and button color. The app integrates directly with TraxOne, letting users serve ads via the App Nexus network almost immediately
  • There are three ad types: direct links to product pages, multi-page ads enabling booking requests within the creative, and data input ads to collect emails or phone numbers

The Result

Redvike successfully built a simple, yet powerful, ad-creation solution that anyone can use. Creators simply fill in five fields to have their interactive advert ready to serve in just a few clicks. The app has proven popular amongst TraxOne customers, and the team is now scaling the product throughout the US. Plus enterprise clients like have shown interest in integrating the software into their in-house workflows.

  • Successful trials have led to an effective launch across the whole of the US
  • Enterprise clients have shown interest in integrating the solution
  • The super-simple workflow could democratize ad creation for all business owners
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