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Redvike approached the project with the ultimate ‘lean start-up’ mindset. We focused on building functional prototypes to validate product-market fit, experimenting with solutions until we found features that appealed to Astrid’s target user-base.

This iterative approach helped us create an app that looks like an illustrated book, with weekly releases introducing new features like sounds, animations, and real-time feedback that inspires children to keep practicing. We also added excel downloads and a sharing feature to allow teachers to send progress updates to parents in a few clicks.

Magical School Book

The first demo version contained different types of content with different levels of advancement. The tasks didn’t have filters built-in yet. Over time, we have developed the app so that the order of the books depends on the skill level of the student.

Insights App

In 2 months we developed a teacher interface that consisted of features like:

Class management

As a class admin, the teacher can add a student to the class, add information about the student (e.g. English level), and send them login details. To make it easier for students to set up accounts, the teacher could print all the login details and QR codes on an A4 sheet, which was then simply cut into smaller pieces and distributed to the students.


The teacher had access to analytics both at the level of students and the whole class. Thanks to this, he was able to check:

  • how much time a student spends on the application,
  • how many tasks he has completed and in what time,
  • how much time he spent reading,
  • how many books he read in a week,
  • how many books he read in a week,
  • what problems he has when solving the tasks – e.g. comprehension 60-70% for a specific time period

The second component – pronunciation analytics, enabled access to data on words with which the student had problems in terms of pronunciation and sounds.

Admin console

In 1-2 months we also developed the admin console which allowed for content creation & management. In the Admin database, a teacher could manage books and exercises having the possibility of creating other types of tasks. In the beginning, the teacher could create 4 different types of exercise and later we extended the option to 9 exercise types. All were measured using the CEFR – international language difficulty level.

We also realized that PWA is not the best direction for this application. During the development, we encountered many problems related to animation, sounds, performance, and haptic feedback – functionalities that in general work better on mobile applications. Thus, we made a joint decision to switch to React Native and rewrite Astrid in order to get the full potential of the product.

The Pitch

CallPage are one of the top-rated startups in Poland with clients ranging from young, high-growth businesses to globally established enterprise: Audi, Orange, and PWC are among their biggest fans. As the company faced new challenges owing to their exponential growth, Redvike stepped in to help refine the proposition.

The original widget version was using outdated technologies (JQuery, ModuleJS, Gulp, ES5).
This setup was hampering growth: newly-hired developers were struggling to get to grips with the stack, while the product release cycle was not as efficient as it could be.
With an updated widget, CallPage could lay the foundations for the next phase of growth.

The Process

Redvike rebuilt the project from the ground up leveraging bleeding-edge technologies – Vue.js, ES6, Webpack – to redevelop the widget. Clean code, supported by a robust systems architecture, guaranteed a scalable solution that will remain relevant for years to come.

Time was taken to layout the project specification in full ensuring the design and architecture of the software reflected the long-term ambitions of the client.
Redvike focused on streamlining the solution, simplifying new feature development, while simultaneously reducing the overall bundle size by 20%.
Documented technology and a robust testing strategy preserve the integrity of the solution, handing full control to the client’s development team.