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17 March 2019
Julianna Sykutera

How React Native apps can benefit from machine learning and AI technology

Artificial intelligence was used to portray as a very complex and expensive innovation which may end up being dangerous to private data. Nowadays, this technology is applied in numbers of innovative projects showing the popularity and familiarity it gained through years of experimenting. AI and machine learning are also more and more available for smaller companies and their products too. So how can AI be used in React Native apps? And what benefits it offers to React Native app development in general.

Decoding the “AI myth”

Apparently, there is still a group of entrepreneurs who are afraid of AI-powered solutions. It is because they hold onto a myth of thousands of dollars that has to be spent on such an innovation. Well, it is true that creating your own AI tool can cost you a lot of money. However, you can be smarter and work with software engineering specialists who know how to make AI accessible to you using only a fraction of the original budget. Then you will notice that introducing AI technology to your company is not a high investment when it comes to potential profits from optimization and sales. 

Machine learning used in React Native apps

Small companies have limited human resources as well as budget. Their products need something to boost their popularity on the market and make them more visible. At the same time, there is no money for a larger team to work on that. What can be done here is to leverage AI to their product to make it works more efficient.

See how it was done in some examples below:


It’s a mobile app created to help people in finding a perfect emoji. Dango can be integrated into different messengers and it is capable of predicting emoji, stickers and GIFs while monitoring your writing. To understand the meaning of the words, the app had to undergo training which was based on showing millions of real-life examples of emoji usage to its neural network.

Food delivery & Restaurant Apps

Machine learning implemented in a restaurant app makes it is able to take orders, ask questions and give suggestions about food based on user preference. Such an app can monitor your order history to help you try new items on the menu. What is more, food delivery applications equipped in machine learning provide users with the ETA, so the estimated time of arrival, after analysing the situation on the road.


Transportation apps can underline factors such as the expected time of arrival along with a detailed description of the journey. They can also perform real-time tracking on maps.

Time management apps

This kind of applications can help you with your plan and to-do list. They will find the most suitable date and time for you to go to the gym or perform other tasks connected with work. The apps will make you feel more organized and in control of your life.

Why is AI helpful? – Optimizing ROI

The AI technology will help your fledgling project to grow by cutting unnecessary costs and reducing time spent on performing repetitive, daily tasks. As it was mentioned before, small companies sometimes lack employees. Meanwhile, there are people who instead of working creatively on developing the brand, spend time on emailing customers. All of that and even more can be done by AI which is capable of providing human-like responses using chatbots. The AI bots can answer even those complex questions or requests from customers. They will email them when they think that the contact between a client and the brand is missing. In result, your company is seen as very much engage in any problem.

In the same way, AI supports 24/7 call centres. Moreover, it provides user-oriented analytics, giving users a personalized experience. For example, predicting the preferable time of training in training booking app or presenting products which our customer probably likes in e-commerce app. The technology can also give insight into the business process used by our competitors. It enables you to see changes in their marketing strategy and market trends. Finally, you can use AI to monitor if your app is user-friendly, so how people navigate inside your project.

Some key points to bear in mind

It is important to start small and don’t rush the process. Small businesses should apply the technology carefully and expand it slowly. Otherwise, it can have detrimental effects on the development of the brand. Sometimes when a bot controlled by machine learning starts to insult people on Twitter, you see that its neuron network developed in the wrong direction. That is why everyone who wants to use machine learning and AI technology in one’s app should first decide on a few basic functions they want to apply in such a way. Only after a successful implementation, the model should be further developed to produce a positive influence on the business.

Summing up

AI and machine learning will support your project in operations like product development, sales, and marketing. When implemented in your React Native app development, delivers customer service on a great level making your brand engaged in clients’ needs and requests. The technology gives more time to think of ways in which the brand can be developed as AI makes all the “dirty work” for you. Do you still hesitate to use it? Because your competitors already have it. Let’s leverage your AI solution!

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