About Us

Redvike is the software development agency for start-ups and SMEs.

We offer a unique client experience that revolves around long-term strategic partnerships. A hyper-personalized service that lasts throughout the development lifecycle – the detail our clients prize above all else.
About us

Our process

Got an idea for a good product? Let Redvike help you turn it into something great.
Proper planning underpins success. Prepare for the most thorough planning sessions you’ve ever known.
We not only deliver engaging designs. We create elegant interfaces that let users navigate your software with ease.
We take the latest technologies and work to exacting standards to build products your users love.
QA. Development isn’t complete without thorough QA. Our expert team ensures every product performs at its best.
Our relationship continues even after development ends. Fear not, we have you covered.

A passionate team - rooted in digital.

We built Redvike around a team of world-class in-house developers, each a master of their craft. Through this level of expertise, we guarantee faultless products that exceed expectations — every time.

Our Culture
Our Values
Our Beliefs

A strong working relationship with your software house is critical — that’s why we give you 100% transparency over the development process.
Value For Money
You want value for money, so we bill based on hours worked — track what we’ve done, in how much time, and what it cost.
Shared Time Zones
Flexible meeting schedules keep communication flowing — while weekly calls, regular planning sessions, and access to work logs leave no stone unturned.
We’re happy to sign NDAs using an electronic signature — we appreciate your right to protect your innovation.
Direct Contact
We know it helps to have an up-to-date view of your software development status — we give you this insight, no questions asked.

Our Сore Team

Our team works hard to keep our partnership hassle-free. We frequently go the extra mile — giving you the best possible experience and the ultimate peace of mind.
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Danylo Samotys
Yuriy Hural
Product owner
Anatoliy Shovkovyi
UX/UI Designer
Volodymyr Hural
Senior Office Manager
Jan Michalak
Lead Front End Developer
Evgeniy Voytenko
Web Application Developer
Volodymyr Kryvonos
Front-end Web Developer
Patryk Pawlos
Node.js/React Developer
Marek Meissner
Front-end Developer
Sebastian Jędrocha
Front-end Developer
Roman Zhebchuk
QA Engineer & Data analyst
Daniel CEO of Redvike

Daniel Samotys


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