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Cloud Services

Cloud-based hosting is the start-up's best friend as scalability and security define this flexible solution. Save money up front, increase capacity down the line - avoiding the operational overheads of traditional models.

Why do we use Cloud Services?

Amazon sent the cloud mainstream - now every business is reaping the reward.
Scale resources to fit growing demand or throttle usage to protect budget
Access data from any web-enabled device be it smartphone, laptop or otherwise
Hardware failure needn't mean data loss thanks to networked back-ups
Quick-to-market without the infrastructure or maintenance costs

Want more? Here’s our recent work 🙌

Yauhen Rachkouski
Project Lead of LeadR
“ The finished product is excellent and met the requirements perfectly, offering the users a platform through which to execute their needs. The architecture is sound and the code good quality, while the project itself was well-managed by the remote team through effective communication. ”
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John O'Sullivan
Co-founder of Von Coin
“Redvike was able to draw from their internal pool of knowledge to overcome all technical challenges. Despite the project’s complexity, Redvike remained resourceful and leveraged their diverse technical expertise to find solutions. Clear communication and initial planning helped ensure success.”
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Konrad Koczwara
CEO of ElevatedLiving
“ Even though we're in two different continents, communicating with Redvike is super easy. Redvike is always willing to try new things or experiment with something different. They take feedback very well and put effort into learning about our business. Whenever I proposed an idea, they laid out 10 potential pitfalls that could go wrong with the app. I appreciated their critical thinking process. ”
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Marius Haaverstad
Product Lead of Regino
“ They’re easy to get a hold of, they answer quickly, and if there are any issues on their end we know about them right away. I’ve had no issues with them at all. Their skill in understanding the fundamental problem we were trying to solve was impressive. They outlined possible pitfalls and then solved them; suggesting different solutions and what impact they might have. This gave us an informed basis upon which to make decisions. ”
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Shayan Darvishi
Co-founder of viDent
" It’s really nice to work with professionals that understand your needs. They gave us plenty of advice, especially since I don’t have a tech background. They also implemented things we hadn’t thought of. They’re much more professional and structured than the previous company we hired. Their timelines, the feedback they provide, and the questions they ask make us feel safe. "
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