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Turning Xbox achievements into awesome swag
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The Pitch

Von Coin’s mission is to reward hardcore gamers for their achievements on Xbox. The Von Coin CEO approached Redvike with a vision to create a comprehensive platform that could handle auctions between gamers, in collaboration with gaming industry partners. Based in Ireland, but with its sights set on the USA (then Canada and the UK) - Von Coin displayed an ambition that Redvike was confident it could match.

  • Ireland-based entertainments company launching a gaming auction platform in the USA.
  • Users earn digital Von Coins through Xbox achievements, which they redeem for rewards.
  • Required an auction platform - supported by a fully-functional CRM for auction management - as well as the creation of a new digital currency.

The Process

Given the project was Xbox-specific, we created a ReactJS web app designed and implemented for Xbox only. The process meant researching the full catalogue of Microsoft guidelines and technical libraries to create a bespoke end-user experience. An Admin panel allows the Von Coin team to manage the auction process - covering creation, sequencing, timing, T&Cs, available products, regions and time zones. While the Von Coins themselves have become a powerful user acquisition tool thanks to industry-wide partnerships.

  • Designed and implemented an Xbox-specific ReactJS web app.
  • Created a digital currency as a unique rewards mechanism, using timed releases and industry partnerships to determine the correct supply of coins to reward in-game achievements.
  • Developed a bespoke Admin panel to handle auction management.

The Result

Von Coin showed huge ambition throughout the project, culminating in a successful product launch in the USA - before scaling into the UK and Canada. The Von Coin-Redvike collaboration continues thanks to the positive progress, moving from MVP to a fully-fledged gaming product. Feedback remains strong - with the number of Von Coin auction participants pushing into the tens of thousands.

  • Successful launch resulted in continued collaboration between the two teams
  • Positive community feedback has stimulated a raft of new product ideas
  • 9k current platform users powered by continuous daily growth
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