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How can startups survive Coronavirus pandemic?

Startups have to dynamically develop in order to compete with other businesses on the market. Unfortunately, the ongoing crisis blocks and severely slows down the development of many companies putting their future at risk. Since the lockdown consequences are difficult to withstand even for bigger enterprises, how can startups survive the Coronavirus pandemic? Where there’s […]

What is Apple and Google collaboration against Covid-19?

In times of the Covid-19 pandemic, governments and health institutions combine forces to protect society and the economy from collapsing. The need for joint actions made Apple and Google work together on the solution that will reduce the spread of the virus. The Apple and Google collaboration against Covid-19 plans to combat the pandemic with […]

Why is the new version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium? What does it mean for web app development?

Microsoft’s browser has recently received a big update. The Edge browser is now based on the same code as Google Chrome – it runs on Chromium. It’s an interesting turn in web development that may impact the future of web applications. If you want to know why Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium and what […]

What is React Native used for?

Software developers appreciate technologies that besides offering high-quality outcomes, are also pleasant to work with. That’s why recently, React Native gained so much popularity in the IT field. The technology certainly has much to offer that’s why today we’re going to focus on – what is React Native used for. React js. and React Native […]

How to design a landing page?

The main purpose of creating a landing page is to reach conversion goals. It is everything from purchasing a product to requesting information on your page. The website should identify your company, making it outstanding among thousands of similar ones. Your landing page is also the basis for further marketing activities, those performed on social […]

How we deliver software projects in Redvike

The top values of Redvike are the development of our employees, providing high-quality software projects and taking care that people have access to the latest technological solutions. It may sound utopian but those are actually the most important aspects of our work. We try our best to create modern software that is ready for further […]

What makes a good software developer?

Developers are usually considered the smartest in the room. The knowledge of advanced technology, innovations and fast thinking make them unique individuals. Adding the height of their standard salary, we have a profession that is clearly valued on the market and skills very much desired by tech (and non-tech) companies. However, are the skills alone […]

How to estimate a software project?

Software development projects almost always undergo subsequent iterations. A client can add new requirements or suggest corrections that broaden the scope of a project. And while the scope of the project’s functionalities may change, the project delivery deadline shouldn’t be delayed and can’t be postponed forever. That’s why it’s sometimes difficult to accurately estimate a […]

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