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How to Improve eLearning Design

A good app doesn’t necessarily have to have a great design, nor does good design indicate that an app is superior. However, it’s true that a great app in combination with a fantastic design is most likely a winner. This is also true for elearning apps, which cover a vast variety of different topics and […]

How to Start an EdTech Startup

The global education technology market was valued at a whopping USD 89.49 billion in 2020! It is predicted to grow at an annual rate of almost 20% from 2021 to 2028! We can expect more advanced technologies, more edtech companies, and apps, as well as more widespread use of digital learning platforms all around the […]

Kanban vs SCRUM – Key Differences

Kanban and SCRUM are project development models, i.e. project management methods often used in software development. Both fall under the agile methodology – an iterative model characterized by a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to any changes in the project at almost any stage. It’s an extremely versatile method and is being increasingly preferred […]

5 Ways to Create Immersive Learning Experiences

If you’ve never struggled with studying from a textbook, you’re one of the lucky ones. It often gets challenging to understand concepts that abstractly exist only on the page. This in turn makes it difficult to stay concentrated and interested, and it is easy to get distracted. The advent of technology brought with it even […]

MVP guide: The Process of Feature Prioritization

MVP, or “Minimum Viable Product”, is a smaller-scale model of a final product, used for validating the creator’s idea. Building an MVP is an important and necessary step of product development because it helps understand the core value of the product. It’s that crucial insight that lets you know – if your solution actually works, […]

Outsourced Product Development: IT corporation vs boutique Software House

IT project outsourcing is becoming increasingly common for startups, large companies in need of software development services, or even for companies with in-house IT developers. Whether for budgetary reasons, lack of specific expertise, or simply not enough time for the internal team to handle – outsourced product development is the go-to option for many businesses.  […]

Advantages of Building your Product with a Remote Development Team

Remote working was gaining popularity even in the years before the ongoing Covid19 crisis, and has now become the norm for many businesses. Companies and individuals have been forced to manage business tasks and meetings online, from the safety of their homes. Despite ample evidence that the system works, businesses are still hesitant when it […]

5 Most Promising EdTech Startups that are about to Change our Learning Experience

As we learn a new language, practice our design skills, or as a teacher, we give an online lecture to our students, we should know that behind the tool we have in our hands is a group of smart people who have worked together to make the experience so engaging and convenient. Educational technology makes […]

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