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How we Helped Naava Build the World’s Smartest Green Walls

A green wall is a vertical structure covered in plant life, also referred to as “living walls” or “vertical gardens”. The greenery is often planted in a growth medium consisting of soil, stone, or water, and usually features built-in irrigation systems. These plant walls are becoming increasingly popular in offices and other indoor spaces, and […]

Building a Business Management System for on-demand Personal Trainers

A business management system is a comprehensive set of tools and processes used to effectively manage all operational aspects of a business. This includes company employees, customer service, and all other entrepreneurial aspects. As a business grows, so does the necessity for a more efficient way of sharing information, handling day-to-day operations, and monitoring and […]

How to Organize a Design Sprint

The design sprint is a five-day workshop focused on validating design hypotheses and answering critical business questions. Through rapid prototyping and testing processes, participants work out the direction of their product and business model. When performed right, it saves companies a lot of time spent on ineffective brainstorming and resources invested in untested features. However, […]

Building an App Prototype – What’s the Process?

Do you have a great app idea and are looking to develop it? No matter how creative it is, it remains something abstract – only describable with words or simple sketches. While that may suffice in the beginning, potential investors need more than that initial pitch. In fact, they may have heard the same idea […]

When Should You Outsource Product Development?

Product development can be hard. It requires time, effort, teamwork, careful planning, meticulous execution, viability analysis, security checks, market analysis, etc. Once you are done with the first version of it all, you need to start once again, based on the feedback from your users and threats from new avenues. It’s an exhaustive iterative process […]

What is Project Roadmap & How to prepare it?

A project roadmap is a visual tool representing the essential goals and milestones of a project plotted out on a timeline. It should give an uncomplicated overview of the work progress and whether or not the development is on track to hit its milestones. Important to note is that a project roadmap is not the […]

How to Effectively use SCRUM working with a Remote Development Team

Working remotely is the new normal, especially for software developers. Forming and managing remote development teams is a cost-effective way of tapping into the global talent pool to create a focused and flexible group of top-notch professionals. We’ve talked about the advantages of working with a remote development team before in more detail, so we […]

10 Chatbot Applications in Business

Chatbots are essentially programs used by businesses to interact with customers to solve their user issues. They do that by employing AI capable of simulating human conversation! Remember, AI doesn’t need to sleep and doesn’t get tired. So, companies can utilize chatbots to automate customer services, offer instant responses at any time, and do so […]

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