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Redvike creates award-winning projects and creative campaigns — both off and online.
How we deliver software projects in Redvike

The top values of Redvike are the development of our employees, providing high-quality software projects and taking care that people have access to the latest technological solutions. It may sound utopian but those are actually the most important aspects of our work. We try our best to create modern software that is ready for further […]

What makes a good software developer?

Developers are usually considered the smartest in the room. The knowledge of advanced technology, innovations and fast thinking make them unique individuals. Adding the height of their standard salary, we have a profession that is clearly valued on the market and skills very much desired by tech (and non-tech) companies. However, are the skills alone […]

How to estimate a software project?

Software development projects almost always undergo subsequent iterations. A client can add new requirements or suggest corrections that broaden the scope of a project. And while the scope of the project’s functionalities may change, the project delivery deadline shouldn’t be delayed and can’t be postponed forever. That’s why it’s sometimes difficult to accurately estimate a […]

What is technical debt?

Clear code, consistent design, and innovative, modern solutions are the three most valued aspects that enable systematic app development. They represent the level of quality desired on the market and reflect the company’s involvement in the collaboration. Despite them being the ultimate standard of IT services, not every company delivers such results. The reason for […]

What is the role of a tester in mobile app development?

Mobile app development is a process that involves an integrated work of different IT professions. Apart from, developers, project managers, and technical writers there are also software testers whose presence is crucial to finish the app. Testers are said to have the easiest job in the room as they work is often compared to free […]

Designing a smartwatch app vs a mobile app

We all know that poor design negatively affects user experience and sales results. We also know that different devices don’t share the same capabilities and have their own limitations. Each of the limitations influences the app creation process and has to be taken care of respectively. That’s why, designing a smartwatch app, a designer has […]

How a developer, marketer, and designer make your app stands out from the crowd. Analyzing the performance of the product

The tech market has been filled with applications that take care of you, your life and your work. So many interesting positions yet we encounter more and more ideas captured in one app that still brings some value to our life. How is it possible that having such an enormous choice on the market, companies […]

Mobile Banking Apps – Trends for 2020

What has changed in the banking sector is the increase in customers using online platforms and apps to monitor their accounts. Since more people became familiar with mobile banking the traditional way of securing their data has become uncertain. What’s more, there are enough people for whom the traditional way of using banking service is […]

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