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How does the app testing process look like?

To invent and create an app is one thing but to make it stable and reliable is a different story. When bringing up the subject of testing, people tend to think about analyzing product performance when it is already used by the users. The crucial part of building an app is, in fact, the testing […]

How many health apps are there 2019?

If you finally decided to take care of your health, you’re doing that in most suitable time. 2019 has a lot to offer considering over 318 000 health apps available on the market. You can choose from fitness classes to sleep monitoring and even try out one of the medical mobile apps to make an […]

Why your designers should constantly collaborate with developers?

Creating a product you need expertise from many different fields. You won’t build an app without a plan and you won’t write code if you don’t know what should be the outcome. Those two disciplines cross with each other when it comes to working on a project. It’s when designers and programmers should combine forces […]

Transition into subscription business model

When observing the market trends you may notice that a significant number of companies have switched from purchase to the subscription business model. It’s very common to move in this direction since many advantages the model possesses which was detailed explained in the article:  One time-payment vs subscription based business model. Which one is better […]

Subscription vs. purchase business model. Which one is better for your app?

Today we are going to take a closer look at the two most common strategies on the market – subscription vs. purchase. From one side we have a one-time payment model where people own a product after purchase. From the other, there is the subscription for which the users have to pay monthly or annually. […]

Is there a successful startup that has outsourced its MVP?

Outsourcing is based on delegating part of the project to other companies or individuals who have knowledge in the needed area. This kind of sharing responsibilities is proved to be a win-win strategy during the development of huge projects but also it is recommended for smaller companies who have just entered the market and need […]

How to reach your potential users with your app? – What really works in 2019? Part II

We are coming back to the art of attracting people to your product. 2019 is definitely a year of changes that need to be applied in order to get users and their attention. Since marketing trends are rapidly changing, many strategies are not as effective as they used to be. Among hundreds of tactics, we […]

When to update an app and how to prepare an update?

When the market trends change the vast majority of companies decide on introducing some modifications to their products. Why? Because that’s the only way to keep the position and customers. The customers need to see that the brand is growing and expands the functionalities of the product. And what’s a better way to show them […]

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