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React Native

Whether you're focused on iOS or Android - or both - the speed and efficiency of React Native ensure an economical path to a full-featured mobile application, built in half the time.

Why do we use React Native?

The technology of choice for iOS and Android developers - the world over.
Simple-to-use service gives you full-featured mobile apps in no time
Low cost
Efficiency and portability of the React.JS library means lower dev costs
Support for iOS and Android led to this wildly popular app development tool
Facebook effect
Built to satisfy a Facebook need, now benefits from the full support of the tech powerhouse

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Konrad Koczwara
CEO of ElevatedLiving
“Even though we're in two different continents, communicating with Redvike is super easy. Redvike is always willing to try new things or experiment with something different. They take feedback very well and put effort into learning about our business. Whenever I proposed an idea, they laid out 10 potential pitfalls that could go wrong with the app. I appreciated their critical thinking process.”
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Yannick Vereerstraeten
Co-founder of Sailsense
"They’re really proactive, fast, and agile. Since we wanted to move quickly, we developed the front- and backend and the app at the same time. Overall, they’re adaptable to change and it’s great working with them. It’s nice working with people who want to push the project to the end."
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