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The Pitch

Belgium-based Sailor runs a boat rental platform that operates throughout the European Union. The MD and Technical Lead had their sights set on enhancing the rental experience by adding on-board internet-enabled devices - alongside upgrading the end-to-end rental experience for both boat owners and the renters themselves.

  • Improve communications between Sailor and the end-user (both renters and boat owners)
  • Streamline the rental process including document handling and sailing checklist directories
  • Enhance boat resource management while sailing, as well as integrate onboard emergency communications and IoT-connected devices

The Process

The use case was a break from the norm for Redvike, diving into a new industry, but the approach remained true to our roots. We developed a bespoke mobile app using React Native that was capable of solving the Sailor team’s core concerns.

Then we made sure to follow best-practice implementation guidelines to guarantee an efficient integration that made the most of the high-quality codebase.

  • In-depth use case analysis led to the development of a custom React Native mobile app.
  • Best-practice implementation minimized integration timelines.
  • Moved from specification to integration of the MVP app in just 6 weeks.

The Result

We worked closely with Sailor to guarantee we addressed each of the team’s core concerns, while keeping the momentum of the project. We released the mobile app MVP on schedule and within 6 weeks, receiving industry-wide positive feedback - though it will take a little extra research and development to create the ‘perfect’ sailing product.

  • On-time release of the MVP with positive feedback across the board.
  • Near-perfect score from a third-party app code review.
  • Stepping stone towards the creation of the perfect sailing product.

Review from the client

Daniel CEO of Redvike
Daniel CEO of Redvike

They’re really proactive, fast, and agile. We communicate every day or every two days. Since we wanted to move quickly, we developed the front- and backend and the app at the same time.

Product Manager

Boating Analytics Company

Daniel CEO of Redvike

Daniel Samotys


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