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The Pitch

Naava is the Finland-based creator of smart green walls for indoor use. Sectors as diverse as warehouses, commercial offices, and hospitality install these planted structures inside to improve air quality and boost overall well-being.
The green walls have become increasingly popular since Naava’s founding in 2011. However, the company’s front-end technology had become increasingly dated. Naava was relying on near-obsolete software until Redvike stepped in to rebuild the infrastructure from the ground up, developing a solution to meet both business and client needs.

  • Naava uses its technology to manage everything from monitoring green wall performance to scheduling maintenance
  • But the existing software had become difficult for clients and the business to navigate
  • Redvike took on the task of developing a custom enterprise solution from scratch
Naava app screens

The Process

The client knew they wanted to switch from a native application to a progressive web app built on Vue.JS. But before Redvike could consider the build, we first had to figure out how the app should work for business and client-side users.
Given that we were designing software for a product we knew little about, we worked closely with Naava to create a prototype that showcased how the web app would look. We then moved onto development, building an entirely new PWA app in under three months.

  • Client-side PWA app for wall performance monitoring built on vue.JS in under three months
  • Maintenance and personnel app ready after another three months (including a feature that enabled maintenance personnel to upload pictures for assessment)
  • Full platform completed in two years (overcoming challenges like integrating the new front-end with the existing back-end, which manages a global client-base and thousands of walls)

The Result

Despite never actually seeing a green wall in-situ, the Redvike team still delivered an effective, user-centric solution. And the enterprise platform has streamlined Naava's business thanks to its updated technology stack. Clients have started using the app to monitor how their green walls improve air quality, while all maintenance personnel have welcomed the transition to new software. The app has even become a useful sales and marketing tool with prospects seeing the benefits of a green wall via a data-laden dashboard.

  • Maintenance personnel, business users, and clients have shared very positive feedback
  • The app has become a potent sales and marketing tool, with hard data showcasing the benefits of a green wall
  • Naava is so happy with the outcome that they’ve handed all frontend work to Redvike
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