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PropTech Software Development
Proptech software development can help real estate companies streamline their operations, provide better service to customers, and make more informed decisions.

How we approach Proptech development cooperation

Our process of building digital products follows the Agile manifesto.

Business Analysis

We start with an in-depth business analysis and collect the project requirements. We choose the tech stack, define the team size and create a product backlog.

Project Timeline and Workflow

Following the Agile methodology, we divide our work into weekly sprints. Each cycle starts with a planning session and ends with a testing and stage summary with the whole team.

Building and improving

Your Proptech software solution is delivered through subsequent iterations that are improved and modified to achieve the final version. Thanks to daily communication we can easily collect your feedback on things to improve.

Delivering your custom PropTech solution

Finally, we reach a point where the outcome meets your expectations and the solution is ready for deployment. That doesn’t mean our work has to end here. If you wish to further scale your product or need our maintenance services - we’re here to help!

PropTech functionalities

PropTech areas in which we specialize.

Housing and Real Estate

Proptech solutions for optimizing the way people buy, sell, research, market,and manage a property.

Sales systems

  • Lead generation
  • Sales monitoring
  • Tenant info-management

Rental systems

  • Leases management
  • Tenants screening
  • Automatic listings

Property analytics

  • Custom reports
  • Expense tracking
  • Revenue management

Multi-family living complexes

PropTech innovations for luxury residential buildings and modern apartment complexes.

Property management

  • Accounting
  • Rent automation
  • Building administration

Resident experience

  • Services management
  • Event management
  • Amenity reservations
  • Building essentials

Resident analytics

  • Resident turnover rate
  • Adoption rate increase
  • Custom reports

Our latest successful Proptech projects

Creating a unified platform for property management and resident engagement

Elevated Living

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Elevated Living is the leader in the luxury residential market. The company’s goal is to deliver the best resident experience solution. We teamed up to create a unified system for property management: managing buildings, events, maintenance, service orders, and other resident needs fulfillment.

Redvike is helping take us to the next level by transforming into a tech company. They put a marked effort into communicating responsively and thoroughly understanding the client’s business for optimal results.

Konrad Koczwara

CEO, ElevatedLiving

Building a platform for property marketplace listing


Movesta provides cost estimations for real estate properties. The company also acts as a marketplace intended to search and compare real estate properties. It gets involved in buying and selling properties - based on the customer's data. The result of our cooperation is the platform for property marketplace listing which provides a quote within 24 hours. Users can sell and buy properties using the platform which values homes and calculates a guaranteed price. 

Daniel CEO of Redvike

Daniel Samotys


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    Proptech adds value to the real estate business while saving time and money for developers, owners, and operators

    Resident satisfaction

    Proptech software can enhance resident satisfaction, by providing virtual tours of properties, digital lease signing, and submitting maintenance requests.

    Retention increase

    Proptech improves communication, streamlines processes, and offers digital amenities that can enhance the tenant experience and increase tenant retention.

    Process automation

    Proptech software can automate many tasks, such as property management and leasing, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing efficiency.

    Enhanced property owner experience

    Proptech provides better data insights, streamlines property management, improves marketing, and offers digital tools for communication and automation.

    Streamlined property transactions

    Proptech platforms can help streamline the buying and selling process of real estate by offering online property listings, and online transaction management tools.

    Level up your product with custom integrations


    Property management software that provides various tools for managing rental properties: financial management, accounting, and marketing.

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    Property management software that provides tools for managing rental properties, such as tenant screening, rent collection, and maintenance requests.

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    ButterflyMX is a cloud-based smartphone video intercom system for multi-unit buildings, such as apartments, condos, and office buildings. 

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    Salto is a technology company that provides electronic access control solutions for various types of buildings.

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    Brivo is a cloud-based physical access control and video surveillance company that provides security solutions for commercial and multi-family properties.

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    Smart solutions for residential, commercial, and multi-family properties. It offers a cloud-based software platform that allows users access to their properties from anywhere.

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    Camelot Security provides security services to businesses and individuals. They offer a range of services, including manned guarding, mobile patrols, and event security.

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    OpenPass is designed to provide a frictionless and secure way for users to enter and exit buildings, offices, and other physical spaces using their smartphones or other smart devices.

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    MRI Software provides a range of solutions for property management, accounting, investment, and helps automate routine tasks. 

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    MyResman provides a range of features to help property managers streamline their operations, improve communication with tenants, and manage financial transactions.

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    RealPage's software is designed to help property managers, owners, and investors to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and make more informed decisions.

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    A cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform used to manage client relationships, track leads and automate workflows.

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    Rent Manager provides a range of features to help streamline property management operations, improve tenant communication, and manage financial transactions.

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    Luxer One is a proptech company that provides package management solutions for residential and commercial properties.

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    AppFolio is a cloud-based property management software platform designed for residential, commercial, and student housing properties.

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    Access control systems to provide secure and convenient access to buildings and facilities. The systems are designed to integrate with other proptech solutions.

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    Let’s find the perfect solution for your business

    Identify and discuss your Proptech needs with our CEO.

    Web & Mobile App Development

    Create your web or mobile application while working closely with our software developers. We take care of the consistency of UX/UI components and the high-performance of user interfaces.

    FAQ: Good to know upfront

    What can modern Proptech achieve?


    Proptech can be implemented in various forms to elevate your business. Apart from enhancing property management, modern Proptech solutions can also help reduce transaction costs associated with real estate transactions. Proptech solutions can provide secure and convenient access to buildings and facilities by using technologies such as biometrics, smart cards, and mobile devices. Access control systems can be integrated with other proptech solutions to provide a comprehensive security system that allows building managers to monitor and control access to specific areas of the building. Proptech solutions can also include video surveillance systems that allow building managers to monitor activities in and around the building. These systems can use advanced technologies such as facial recognition and object detection to identify potential threats and alert security personnel. Proptech gives access to values data-driven insights making it easier for buyers, sellers, and investors to make informed decisions. This includes data on property values, market trends, and tenant behavior.

    Which companies use Proptech?


    There are many companies across the real estate industry that are using proptech software to improve their operations and offer better services to their customers. Here are some examples of companies that are using proptech software:

    Real estate brokerages: companies like RE/MAX, Keller Williams, and Century 21 use proptech software to manage their client relationships, track leads, and automate workflows.

    Property management companies: Property management companies like Greystar, AMLI Residential, and Lincoln Property Company use proptech software to manage their portfolios, automate routine tasks, and improve communication with tenants.

    Commercial real estate firms: CBRE, JLL, and Cushman & Wakefield use proptech software to manage their properties, track leasing activity, and provide data analytics to their clients.

    PropTech startups: There are many startups in the proptech space that are developing new software solutions for various aspects of the real estate industry, such as OpenDoor, Roofstock, and Zillow.

    How much can your company save by implementing Proptech solution?


    Studies have shown that companies can achieve significant cost savings by implementing proptech solutions. A report by Deloitte found that companies in the real estate industry can save up to 25% on their operational costs by implementing proptech solutions such as smart building systems, energy management tools, and automated property management systems. Similarly, a study by JLL found that companies can reduce their real estate operating expenses by up to 15% by implementing smart building solutions that optimize energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs, and improve tenant satisfaction.

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