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The Pitch

Norway’s dentistry industry is heavily regulated to protect patient privacy. Yet, it’s also a connected community of professionals who like to share insights and discuss complex cases. ViDent’s co-founders were central to the existing communication flow, managing a private Facebook group where dentists connected with peers to address patient and industry topics.
Such was the demand for this dentist-specific forum that ViDent quickly outgrew what Facebook could offer. And the co-founders promptly realized they would require a bespoke platform that could both satisfy the needs of dentists alongside adhering to Norwegian regulations.
Moreover, the new platform would have to help dentists keep up-to-date with obligatory training requirements, and so offer courses, certification and a calendar of events - all in one central hub.

  • ViDent needed to create a hyper-specific forum through which dentists could discuss industry topics and patient cases
  • Norwegian regulation forbids revealing any personal information in a public space, requiring due consideration within forum management
  • The platform needed to extend beyond just communication, offering a hub for training and events listing as well

The Process

Redvike collaborated with ViDent to establish the concept of a ‘Stack Overflow for dentists:’ a niche forum to give participants a private space to discuss hyper-specific subjects relating to dentistry - spanning everything from particular teeth to certain surgical procedures, to complex patient cases.
For the platform to be effective, users would have to be able to search for relevant subjects, post questions, read threads, and upvote the best answers. Moreover, it would need a forum manager to vet new participants before they could respond to threads or up-vote responses - ensuring the platform remained on-subject and spam-free. The same manager would also take responsibility for moderation, removing any patient information or material that breached Norwegian regulation.
Alongside having the forum capability, the product would also need to host the second type of user: training providers. So, it would require a module to allow course operators to list training services. Then redirect dentists to the appropriate website should they show interest in a particular certification.

  • Redvike built a niche platform to act as a forum, events calendar and private messenger service for dentists
  • We used React.js for the front end, creating a hyper-responsive mobile web app so that dentists can access the forum on any device. We used node for the back end, with WebSocket enabling real-time notifications alerting users to private messages, comments on threads or upvoted answers
  • Dentists can now use the forum to ask questions, read about specific topics, or reach out to other dentists via a private message by clicking on avatars in forum threads. Dentists can also find relevant training providers who offer industry-specific certifications; while training providers can list their services

The Result

An extended four-month development period allowed both teams to explore requirements fully. As such, we’ve been able to build a platform that effectively serves the two types of user. The development process involved a level of conceptual reworking to ensure the product satisfied the niche requirements of its user base - with ongoing optimizations and plenty of communication resulting in a platform that will support and enhance a highly-regarded Norwegian industry. Moreover, in building both a forum for dentists as well as a listing platform for training providers, ViDent will be able to diversify its business model as the product functionality evolves.

  • An extended development cycle has helped evolve an increasingly-polished, hyper-specific product.
  • Successful demos at dentistry conferences have generated significant interest from both training providers and outside investors alike.
  • Positive reactions from beta testing with dentists gives confidence for the September release date.

Review from the client

Daniel CEO of Redvike
Daniel CEO of Redvike

It’s really nice to work with professionals that understand your needs. Redvike’s implementable ideas, effective communication, great prices, and overall structured process make them a trustworthy and highly recommended vendor.

Co-founder, MedTech Startup

Daniel CEO of Redvike

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