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16 May 2021

Advantages of Building your Product with a Remote Development Team

16 May 2021

Advantages of Building your Product with a Remote Development Team


Jana Stalevska
Jana Stalevska
Content Writer
16 May 2021

Advantages of Building your Product with a Remote Development Team


Jana Stalevska
Jana Stalevska
Content Writer

Remote working was gaining popularity even in the years before the ongoing Covid19 crisis, and has now become the norm for many businesses. Companies and individuals have been forced to manage business tasks and meetings online, from the safety of their homes. Despite ample evidence that the system works, businesses are still hesitant when it comes to hiring remotely, especially when it comes to IT product development. After all, it’s not a simple process, and it requires a lot of trust in the remote development team and dedication from the same. However, there’s also no guarantee that the project team available on site is the best or even adequate for the specific needs of the business.

So, what exactly are the advantages of hiring a remote software development team? And perhaps more importantly, how to find the best remote developers for your business needs?

Reasons for working with a remote project team

Whether a company decides to work with remote developers depends on many parameters such as: business model, budget, prior experience in product development, prior experience in remote hiring, the project itself etc. Some of the reasons why businesses opt for remote hiring include:

  • Strict time limitations. A company short on time should seriously consider outside help in order to meet the deadline. 
  • Lack of expertise. When the current employees do not have the required product development experience, the company can outsource to a qualified development team. 
  • Capacity limitations. If the project scope is too large for the in-house team to handle, hiring remote developers is an excellent option.
  • Budgetary limitations. The company cannot afford to internally hire an entire team, nor has the resources to acquire the needed technology framework.

Advantages of hiring a remote development team

For those still on the fence, let’s take a look at all the benefits that remote hiring offers!

Global Talent Pool

When you are no longer restricted only to your company’s geographical location, the talent pool increases by orders of magnitude. You can pick and choose the best talent from anywhere in the world. Adding diversity to your team can also offer fresh perspectives and help you get new ideas for improving your product. 


You can cut costs by hiring developers from places which generally have lower rates (such as Eastern Europe or South America), most essentially – without having to compromise on quality! Furthermore, if you have a set budget for a project, by hiring remote developers with a fixed rate you can ensure that you stay within your financial limit. Accounting for resources spent on in-house teams can be quite difficult in contrast, and you can easily over-spend. 

Faster Time-to-Market

Hiring developers in-house is a long and costly operation, and you will have to plan for much longer development times. By hiring a software house on the other hand, the team can be ready to work within days, and has the necessary experience to swiftly bring the product to market. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about any technology hardware and software limitations, as remote developers usually bring the required IT infrastructure along with their expertise.

Flexibility and Lower Risks

Unless you plan on developing more products in the future, chances are that you won’t really need an in-house team after a certain amount of time. Outsourcing lets you scale your team up or down depending on your business needs, without having to worry too much about the logistics and legalities. The remote developers also remain flexible with their working times and don’t need to strictly adhere to office working hours, as long as they’re getting the job done!

remote software developers

Looking for remote developers

There are two distinct ways of remote working with developers – hire individual developers and form a remote development team yourself, or hire a company with a ready-to-go project team. The choice depends on the project scope, budget, company preferences etc. 


Nowadays it seems everyone is freelancing, especially software developers. There are tons of ways for companies to find remote developers and vice versa:

  • Word-of-mouth and recommendations.
  • Social networks like LinkedIn or Xing. 
  • Job platforms like:
    Upwork, Freelancer, FlexJobs, Remote, Fiverr, TopTal, and many many more.
  • Tech blogs like Stackoverflow.

While this method is perfectly suitable for smaller projects, for larger projects it might prove difficult to manage a number of remote developers over a longer period of time. Inter-team communication is vital to the success of a project. However talented they may be, if the team members are not able to communicate efficiently, the whole product development could be in jeopardy. 

Product development company

Type “software development house” into Google and you’ll get thousands of hits. There’s no shortage of product development companies all around the globe. To find the right one for your company, check the following:

  • Professional experience – Most companies have a dedicated page to Case Studies of past client work on their websites. By exploring their portfolio, you can get an idea of how they work and whether they have worked on anything similar to your idea.
  • Client testimonials – For example, Clutch is the most popular B2B ratings and review portal which allows you to search companies based on client evaluations, experience, industry recognition etc. Similar websites are Goodfirms, VenturePact, TopDevelopers, and others.

These companies have already formed the teams, and most of the time your only point of contact would only be the team manager, saving you time to focus on your core competences. Legally, it’s also much more convenient as you don’t need to arrange contracts with all the individual parties involved, which could leave much room for error. 

Here at Redvike, we offer teams of dedicated professionals, carefully vetted and chosen, with experience in remote product development in various areas. The choice to go remote is an important decision, and we are here to guide you through the process of developing the product that you’ve envisioned to a successful conclusion!


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