How to design a landing page?

The main purpose of creating a landing page is to reach conversion goals. It is everything from purchasing a product to requesting information on your page. The website should identify your company, making it outstanding among thousands of similar ones. Your landing page is also the basis for further marketing activities, those performed on social […]

Designing a smartwatch app vs a mobile app

We all know that poor design negatively affects user experience and sales results. We also know that different devices don’t share the same capabilities and have their own limitations. Each of the limitations influences the app creation process and has to be taken care of respectively. That’s why, designing a smartwatch app, a designer has […]

How to improve functionality and UX of your app?

Ten years ago, the idea of design thinking wasn’t very popular. The first mobile apps were created based on the gut and ideas of their founders. However, the development and growing market of mobile and web applications showed that the UX and deep understanding of the users play a huge role in the success or […]

Why should designers constantly collaborate with developers?

Creating a product you need expertise from many different fields. You won’t build an app without a plan and you won’t write code if you don’t know what should be the outcome. Those two disciplines cross with each other when it comes to working on a project. It’s when designers and programmers should combine forces […]