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1 February 2018
Bartłomiej Rgacewicz
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Chitown Trainer: Chicago In Home Personal Training

Nowadays, we are used to take care of ourselves. We pay attention to what we eat, how we look and what could be healthy for our body. Technology is also here to help us and an example of the best use of it is called ChiTown Trainer and this service with mobile and web app was developed by Redvike!

Which way you schedule your trainings with personal trainer?

Usually, when we wanted to have a training with a trainer in the gym, we had to find one using Google. Then we schedule it via mobile phone and pay using our card, usually on the spot.

This process is very-common and popular but it has some disadvantages:

  • You cannot work with your favourite trainer. Instead of it, you have to choose one from those available in the gym.
  • If there is no gym which offers your desirable group training, you have to take a part in activities, which don’t fulfill your needs.
  • If you live in the area, where gym does not offer personal training, you have to look for a coach at your own and then schedule the meeting.

ChiTown Trainer solves those problems.

It is a web app supported by mobile apps which offers you an easy access to trainers and sport activities nearby.

What’s make it unique?

When you use ChiTown you can schedule your personal training and work with the best trainers in your desired localization. All of it is available right from the app.

What is more, if you live in a building with a gym, the building administration can easily arrange activities for you and your neighbors. So you do not have to look anywhere else for the activities you want to participate in.

But this system is not only valuable for people who want to train, it is also an improvement in the work of trainers. It gives them easy access to their calendar, so they can schedule trainings swiftly and work with their clients, not only during trainings but also guide them with the diet remotely.

So next time when you would like to train with your friend, you can use ChiTown to schedule a training. It would allow you to work out in your desired location with the best trainers. After whole activity you would pay for it using in-app payment.

What is Redvike’s job here? Service, web app and mobile app!

We simply built this service from scratch. Thanks to the knowledge of our team we are able to provide it using most relevant and efficient technologies. We wanted to build a service easy to use for all – Managers, Trainers and People who’d like to train. We thought about the usability. Our team built the user interface which can help users and provide them all of the needed informations and nothing more. Instead of learning how to use a service, they can focus on their aim – exercising and eating better than before.

ChiTown is based on connection of three key parts – web app, server and mobile apps for iOS and Android. It analyzes sales, customer growth and popularity of the each trainer. So the manager knows the rate of growth and which trainers provides the best support for his customers.

In the future, we will support and develop this service. We hope to help ChiTown to change the way people schedule their trainings. Thanks to it customers have a possibility to exercise in their desirable places.

We were able to make it thanks to our knwledge in web apps developement – read about it here!

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