Redvike is a software development agency with experience in projects for start-up's and medium companies. We differentiate ourselves by building long-term strategic partnerships with our clients and providing exceptional quality services at all stages of the application development lifecycle.
About us

The process

Best quality of a product is the key to its success. Our result-oriented development is based on unit tests, code reviews and quality assurance process. So at the end of the day, we can ably monitor the quality of the code and your product functionalities.

Structure of our teams is always the same, and it is based on Agile methodology. Thanks to our flexibility and thoughtful planning, we can fulfil your needs and help you to grow along with your project.

We don’t like working in a hurry, that’s why we always make sure that the whole process is going smoothly and every piece of code is made as good as it is possible. When we work unhurriedly, we can provide you products which run stable and fast. Moreover, we are also able to care to make them easily scalable. Finally, this set of mind saves you money and time.

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The Team

Building great products requires people, which are not only good developers, but also understand needs of our partners. So when we create a team to develop a product out of your idea, we focus on matching specialists with people with business-oriented minds.


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