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16 September 2020

How Extremely Successful Apps Are Born: The Flow of Product Development



Julianna Sykutera
16 September 2020

How Extremely Successful Apps Are Born: The Flow of Product Development


Julianna Sykutera

Have you ever considered how extremely successful apps are born? Do great virtuosos enter the market with an idea that just cannot go wrong? Or maybe it’s about a certain time in which a product is released and has perfect conditions to grow and reach users? Actually, both the timing and the people behind the idea matter and influence the route to success. But what makes apps successful is more complex, yet very interesting!

The app market is versatile. There are no guidelines on what to produce; it’s up to you what you bring up to this world. It means the possibilities are endless and there is room for everyone. Yet not everyone gets to the top with their product. Many lack the innovation spirit and create something that soon disappears from the market. Or like many startups, fail because didn’t anticipate the challenges of product development. 

Now let me tell you something. Every successful product starts with a great product strategy. It’s as simple as that. Knowing this, let’s take a look at the ways you can improve your product development. 

Product development: Process flow 

It really matters where you start if you want to end well. Below are the steps you just can’t forget about when trying to build an extremely successful product. 

The aim 

In other words, what is the problem you want to solve introducing your product? Here, it’s crucial to focus on the facts and the real pain points of your future customers and not on the assumptions of how it may work. We try to answer the question of what really is what you bring up to the market. 

Market research 

We can’t speak about success without performing a solid amount of market research. At this stage, you should collect information that will confirm your product has the potential to grow and bring value to people. The information you should get out of the market research is:

  • Target audience – Are there enough people interested in your product and how many of them will actually start using it?
  • Competition – Is there any? What size is your competition? What’s their strategy (for example, how they promote their product) How can their product be improved? 
  • Goals – Identify KPIs so the numbers you should aim at when developing your business 

No app has earned the spotlight by an accident. There is a market niche ready for you to fill in. You just need to find it. 

Project scoping 

It’s time to define the scope of your product which is all the features included inside. Choose the characteristics you want to build first and then focus on the resources needed to build it. Apart from different technologies, there is also a question of backend development. Consider the cloud services and if there are ready solutions for you to try them out. If your product is more complex and advanced, maybe you need a custom cloud solution. Also, when you build an app, decide on the type of app which will be the best for your business and customers. It can be a PWA, native, or hybrid mobile app. As I know the pros and cons of PWA and the advantages of the hybrid app I strongly recommend this type of solution. 

But you can read the articles below and figure it out by yourself 🙂

Pros and cons of PWA 

Why your startup should consider a hybrid app 

How long does it take to build a mobile app?

Plan for growth 

You’re just about to build a prototype of your product but first, take a moment to focus on its future. Do you have a plan for growth? Many entrepreneurs are so excited about their idea that don’t stop for a second to consider the short-term and the long-term goals of their business. If you want to build an extremely successful product you have to know how to scale it in the future. 

  • What iterations are you planning to implement in order to bring more value to people?
  • What marketing activity will increase your sales?
  • How can you optimize the budget to increase ROI?

MVP development  

Releasing an MVP is the quickest way to validate your idea and get solid results on which you can work on. Even though you don’t have your end product yet, you can already give a core of its functionality to users and study their reaction. You have no idea how much valuable information you can get out of a simple MVP release. Use the feedback to implement improvements in your end product development. 

What makes apps successful 

Now you know how to perform the product development process flow to end up with a good MVP. It’s time to decode the “success” factor. If you take a look at the App Store top apps, you’ll see that they all share a few common characteristics. When we dive into them, the rest will get easy.  

They solve problems 

Make your app relevant to users – target their pain points! You create for people so your job is to make them love your work and appreciate the effort you put in to make their lives easier.

They are unique in functionality 

They say give customers value and they will stay loyal. It does work like that. If you can’t come up with an original idea, find your competition and outperform their functionality with modern, advanced technology. 

They are available on IOS and Android 

Choosing to build for just one platform you basically separate yourself from half of your potential user base. Take advantage of cross-platform development and build your app using React Native. You can’t lose with React. 

They offer good core functionality 

Use the “MVP mindset” and first, focus on one functionality. When it will be mastered then you can add more features. Nothing bad has yet come of putting all your energy into one thing. 

They have remarkable UX 

Develop an app that’s easy to work with. Ensure simple navigation that doesn’t cause confusion and irritation. Show users that you care about their experience. Here’s a text on how you can improve your UX and functionality. Check it out 😉 

They experience regular updates 

Even the best software developers make mistakes sometimes. Bugs will show up and need to be fixed regularly in order to keep your users satisfied. Learn how to prepare a good update cycle for your product – from this article. 

Make more than a product, build an empire  

The key principle that stays behind such great brands like Apple is to create a series of complementary products that truly build on each other. Creating a successful product line is even more challenging that’s why it’s such an impressive achievement. Nevertheless, a great product strategy is what makes apps successful. You can’t skip the fundamentals if you want to deliver something awesome ??

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