The Pitch

Belgium-based Sailor runs a boat rental platform that operates throughout the European Union. The MD and Technical Lead had their sights set on enhancing the rental experience by adding on-board internet-enabled devices – alongside upgrading the end-to-end rental experience for both boat owners and the renters themselves.

Improve communications between Sailor and the end-user (both renters and boat owners)
Streamline the rental process including document handling and sailing checklist directories
Enhance boat resource management while sailing, as well as integrate onboard emergency communications and IoT-connected devices

The Process

The use case was a break from the norm for Redvike, diving into a new industry, but the approach remained true to our roots. We developed a bespoke mobile app using React Native that was capable of solving the Sailor team’s core concerns.

Then we made sure to follow best-practice implementation guidelines to guarantee an efficient integration that made the most of the high-quality codebase.

In-depth use case analysis led to the development of a custom React Native mobile app.
Best-practice implementation minimized integration timelines.
Moved from specification to integration of the MVP app in just 6 weeks.

The Pitch

Event management can be a headache: thousands of attendees to communicate with alongside substantial operational overhead; plus any number of disasters just waiting to happen. So, when the creators of Festival App pitched us their idea for a user-centric app augmenting the festival experience through mobile ticket scanning, live notifications, GPS-location features and NFC technology – we were intrigued.

But with just 30 days to pull the Alpha version together, we also had to get our skates on to:

Create the most intuitive, easy-on-the-eye festival app on the market.
Enrich the live experience through social integrations, a GPS tool to locate friends, plus emergency notifications for weather updates, security threats, etc.
Leverage the phone’s camera for ticket scanning, and NFC technology to scan festival chips.
Build the app using AngularJS 5, implementing the latest Material Design.

The Process

With just thirty days to build a working product, we hit the ground running. After a short design sprint, we planned the necessary features which we released in two phases. We worked closely with the client to pinpoint the UX and UI based on Material Design elements, ensuring every requested feature made the final cut.

We implemented NFC and QR code scanners to accommodate the full festival experience.
We built the home screen to allow personalized notifications as well as a ‘create your own festival schedule’ feature.
We designed the app around social media to create a unified, sticky experience.
We implemented the schematic for emergency notifications.
We included a ‘Find My Friends’ feature built on the Google Maps API.

The Pitch

ChiTown Trainer offers on-demand fitness instruction in Chicago. Twenty trainers work throughout the city running both 1-to-1 and group fitness sessions in various luxury residential buildings. With ambitions to scale the service across five new cities, the company’s CEO sought a bespoke solution to support business growth and enhance productivity.

ChiTown Trainer wanted a comprehensive Business Management System to handle the company-wide process, helping the organisation become more productive on the whole.
The client was using Mindbody: a dated, and overly-complex enterprise SaaS solution focused on brick-and-mortar businesses.
No other solution existed to support location-independent operations, or to handle both private and group sessions, making custom development the only option.
The app also had to include scope for brand differentiation in the competitive personal training vertical.

The Process

The new app offers both mobile and web access with separate client/trainer/manager/owner interfaces. Each includes a user-specific dashboard with role-related information allowing the entire business to operate from within a single, custom platform.

We built a comprehensive, user-centric app that surfaces personal details, schedules, calendars, and tasks – with in-app notifications, plus an online shop.
We also covered business operations requirements with features supporting staff management, payroll, payment and invoice processing, and task management.
A ‘re-skinnable’ companion app supports interactive trainer-client communication, creating a ‘sticky’ brand and in-residence experience.