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26 July 2018

Redvike x CallPage: Helping a Leading Start-up Shift Through the Gears of Growth



Bartłomiej Rogacewicz
Article mage
26 July 2018

Redvike x CallPage: Helping a Leading Start-up Shift Through the Gears of Growth


Bartłomiej Rogacewicz
Article mage

Product: SaaS-model Lead Generation Widget

Use Case: Converting site visitors into leads or clients for small and large-scale enterprise

Headquarters: Cracow, Poland


The CallPage—Redvike story goes way back: we’ve been collaborating since the early days, and we’ve most definitely shared in the ups and downs of early-stage business. So, when CallPage came to us with a host of unique challenges owing to their incredible growth trajectory – the decision to take the project was near-instantaneous.

We’d fought side-by-side in the trenches, now was the time to charge forward..

CallPage: Poland’s Rising Star – and the Ubiquitous LeadGen Widget

CallPage may still be regarded as a ‘start-up’ by today’s standards, but the company heads the pack in the Lead Generation space. Since inception, they’ve witnessed incredible demand for their SaaS solution – their client base growing by the day. 

The list of live users currently tallies more than 3500.

They count nascent, high-growth companies amidst their customers, as well as some of the most recognizable names in Industry; Audi, Orange, and Virgin Mobile are just a handful of the multi-nationals who have deployed the CallPage widget.

With 6.2 million monthly active users, it is vital their technology is robust enough to support this vast user base. However, when we first engaged in the project, we quickly identified scalability issues resulting from a now-outdated technology stack.

Widget Summary

Total Clients: 3500+

MAU: 6.2m

Largest Contracts: Audi, Porsche, Orange, Virgin Mobile, PwC.

Redvike: Laying the Foundations for Next-Level Growth

CallPage’s success is somewhat unprecedented. Nevertheless, as with many young technology enterprises who experience stellar results in such a short period, problems emerge once they achieve a certain scale.

CallPage was experiencing this nexus, threatening to derail progress. Mercifully, our team was on-hand to identify the bottlenecks and offer a way forward.

Bottleneck 1:

As CallPage’s business grew, they struggled to allocate time or resource to update the technology of the original stack; the result was a transformative product built on rapidly-aging tech.

The previous widget was written in JQuery and ModuleJS, using ES5 Standard only; while Gulp was chosen for the project build.

Bottleneck 2:

As with any innovative software, there were also issues in the codebase. Plus, the overall architecture created a ‘difficult-to-maintain, ever-more-complicated-to-scale’ product.

This culminated in complications in hiring new developers who struggled to understand the stack. And also hampered the release cycle, while creating internal inefficiencies.

Bottleneck 3:

Moreover, adding new features often resulted in breaking the old – with limited test coverage making it difficult to develop the product with confidence.

The issues were apparent, but as for the next steps: the decisions fell to CallPage management – ably guided by the Redvike team.

With an engaged client base already loving the product, now was time to implement the most sophisticated solution we could, and we were aligned on this front. But it was up to Redvike to establish precisely which technologies would best support growth while remaining relevant well into the future.

Leveraging Bleeding-edge Tech for Long-term Scalability

We approached the project with a clean slate, rebuilding the architecture from the ground up. To ensure a robust, scalable code-base supported by a clearly-structured systems architecture, we settled on the following technologies:

  • Vue.js
  • ES6
  • Webpack

By taking the time to detail the project specification at the outset, we were confident long-term ambitions could be met. Our view was the above technologies would allow CallPage to grow their business at a rapid rate without running into similar constraints down the line.

Moreover, CallPage would unlock significant savings in a streamlined solution: both via a more efficient release cycle; plus, reduced AWS hosting fees.

We documented all processes as far as reasonably possible, detailing a robust testing strategy which would preserve the integrity of the solution. The ultimate ambition of both teams was to have a readily-scalable platform of which the client could take full ownership.

By this stage, we were confident we could achieve on all fronts.

Stellar Successes in a Highly Collaborative Project

Since project completion, CallPage have gone on to hit even greater heights. We’ve detailed three major successes below.

Loved by Client and Customer Alike

The development process was collaborative from the start, resulting in a highly-tuned product matching the precise requirements of the client. Moreover, a streamlined design meant customers could immediately leverage a slicker product.

CallPage continues to welcome positive feedback regarding performance with customers themselves becoming product evangelists. CallPage is also converting their own prospects at an ever-improving rate.

Innovative – Scalable – and Cheaper!

Not only do users love the product, but so do the development and management teams. They have an easily maintainable widget on which they can build to their heart’s content.

Plus, they boast a vanguard solution pioneering innovative technical capabilities.

With both documentation and testing strategies in place, CallPage can scale the business relying solely on their internal resource. As the development team is at near-double the velocity of what was previously achievable, they are relishing the rapid progress.

An added kickback came in the fact we were able to reduce the project bundle size, all-the-while extending product capability. The achievement has significantly reduced the client’s AWS hosting fees, allowing a re-investment of funds in growth-oriented activities.  

The Future is Bright for CallPage

The lead generation space is competitive. So, it is vital for the business to have the internal capability to evolve its stack to remain a leader in its space.

Following the collaboration with Redvike, CallPage has established itself in such a position:

  1. The refreshed proposition puts the business at the forefront of its industry;
  2. Investors continue to circle, while prospective customers knock down doors to get a handle on the product;
  3. And with a product built-to-scale, CallPage are onboarding new clients faster than ever.

The coming months promise a story of continued growth for this Cracow-based rocket. Here’s to CallPage’s success – well into the future.

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