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5 May 2020
Julianna Sykutera

What is React Native used for?

Software developers appreciate technologies that besides offering high-quality outcomes, are also pleasant to work with. That’s why recently, React Native gained so much popularity in the IT field. The technology certainly has much to offer that’s why today we’re going to focus on – what is React Native used for.

React js. and React Native

To start this in the right way, first, we need to distinguish two technologies:

React js. is a JavaScript library to build powerful and innovative user interfaces. It is also the heart of the React Native functionality. React js. was developed by Facebook to address the needs of high performing UI components. The technology receives big support from the community that continuously works on its development. 

React Native is a JavaScript framework that enables creating native mobile applications for iOS and Android. It offers an open-source environment, great portability, and is easy to work with. Using modern technology contributes to minimizing the overall costs of product development and maintenance. 

What is React Native used for?

React Native is used for building natively rendering mobile apps that can be simultaneously developed for iOS and Android. Software developers use the JavaScript framework to accelerate product development. React Native is equipped with pre-developed components and its portability eases the whole process of writing an app. It brings high-speed processing, great responsiveness but most importantly – the best user experience to your product. Using the framework Native, companies can produce high-functioning mobile apps that, in the end, are comfortable to use just like the native ones. 

What are the advantages?   

As was mentioned at the beginning, React Native is one of the solutions that provide developers with a lot of conveniences during work. 

  • Increases Productivity – it optimizes the whole work on a product as it offers numerous ready-to-use components in its open-source library, accelerating the development process
  • Code Reusability – the framework ensures React developers don’t have to build a separate mobile app for each platform. Also, they can just reuse the web app code for building a mobile app (if it was built in React)
  • Live Reloading – the technology supports a very useful tool that helps in compiling and reading the file with introduced changes
  • Hot Module Reloading (HMR) – thanks to HMR a developer can keep the app running while introducing changes such as UI improvements. A developer can see the changes immediately after hitting ‘save’ without the need to rebuild the app
  • Cost-Efficient – the advantage of code reusability contributes to the lower costs of product development as you don’t need a large team of developers to finish the project for both Android and iOS
  • Continuous Support – the framework is in hands of the Facebook development team that keeps an eye on the possible improvements and actively adds new tools to use

React Native App Examples

  • Facebook – an obvious example, as it’s the creator of it. The framework was the company’s internal Hackathon project from 2013. Facebook Ads Manager is actually the company’s first, full React Native app. If you want to know how they introduced the technology in the first place here’s the story behind it.
  • Elevated Living – Elevated Living app was actually developed by our React Native development company. The platform serves booking, sales, and in-house management purposes. Redvike team designed and built the React Native-powered digital platform from scratch, including its mobile and web version. Check it out!
react native app example
Source: apps.apple.com
  • Instagram – the company upgraded the existing app to React Native technology. As you can imagine, such app lifting is not a piece of cake. The development team eventually succeeded, delivering the product much faster by sharing the code between Android and iOS apps. You can read more about the actual process on Instagram Engineering blog
  • Skype – last but not least, the world’s online communicator. Back in 2017, Skype platform was experiencing a lot of functionality issues. The news about Skype working on a new app was very positive to all of its users. The new version offered new features as well as a totally new layout. What’s more important, they implemented the framework also in the desktop app.

Benefits of working with React Native Development Company

Companies that offer React Native development services are in a center of interest to most tech leaders. The technology offers numerous advantages making React developers valuable on the market. Working with Redvike you get access to a team of skilled, ambitious, and hard-working React developers who can help power-up your product’s performance. 

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