5 Advantages of React JS
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30 August 2020
Julianna Sykutera

5 Advantages of React JS

As a React js development company with years of experience in delivering React-based applications, we know this technology inside out. And not only we know it, but we love it. Today we would like to share with you reasons behind our choice to create software projects this way. Here come the 5 advantages of React JS. 

React has already become mainstream as it is widely used by the biggest companies worldwide – Google, Facebook, Netflix – to name a few. The JavaScript library revolutionized the way developers build apps and certainly, it’s a go-to if you want to create products in a more modern style. What does it bring to the table? Have a look at the advantages that lay in the very nature of React technology. 

What are the advantages of React JS?

The following 5 advantages of React JS makes it a must-have in the technological stack.

1. Virtual DOM environment 

The DOM is short for document object model which is a logical structure (in a tree form) of documents in HTML and XML formats. It is an object-oriented representation of the web page, which can be modified with JavaScript. 

If you want to develop an app that has a lot of user interaction you have to carefully consider its tree-structure because the way it is formed impacts the performance. Everything in DOM is connected. Frequent data updates and changes at the top level of a “tree” can eventually affect the user interface and may result in poor user experience. 

When we have real DOM, a server processes the changes (queries, user interaction) through an update of all the trees, which is thousands of elements! In React there is a virtual representation of the DOM that increases the speed of data updates without impacting other parts of the interface. Thanks to it, React developers use hot reloading –  they can apply changes in real-time, building dynamic UI components. The virtual DOM environment increases productivity and facilitates the whole work on a project. 

2. Reusable components 

Another time-saving feature is the ability to reuse code components. We’ve talked about this in the article about PureComponent. Using React, developers can easily manage updates, producing code more efficiently. Building an app they can just reuse what they’ve built already and expand it to a more complex feature. All React components are isolated and change in one doesn’t affect others which makes it super convenient. In essence, code reusability makes it easier to develop and maintain a product as it allows for fast and precise testing procedures. 

3. Extensive toolset for React developers 

On the list of advantages of React JS. there is also the toolset dedicated to the development environment. React offers great developer tools to better design and debug products. The tools are in the form of a browser extension (for Chrome and Firefox) that enable developers to scan, examine, and edit the components in the virtual DOM. There are also tools specifically for those who use Redux. Redux, although it’s not a React-only thing, is something every React developer should know about. It simplifies storing and managing components states of large and complex applications. Redux tools allow developers to observe dispatched actions and modify stores. 

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4. Building of stable code 

Explicit data binding in other technologies makes it difficult to apply changes in a way that doesn’t affect the rest of the app structure. Downward data flow in React JS. ensures the changes in child structures (lower levels of tree structure) don’t affect their parents. Developers can modify the state of an object and after, only specific components will be updated. This way they produce stable code which improves app performance. 

5. React Native framework 

Finally, the one and only React Native which is the framework for mobile app development. The way it accelerates project delivery process is incredible. React Native is used for building natively rendering mobile apps that can be simultaneously developed for iOS and Android. Also, has a great number of innovative features that ease the work on a product by saving both costs and time. Here you can read more about what is React Native used for

React community 

Lastly, we have to mention the community around the technology that keeps expanding. Having so many people interested in React, the number of useful resources to learn it and develop your skills are endless. If you want to learn more about React JS. you can easily find great tutorials, articles, and people that will support you on the way. Including our React JS development company 🙂 

React is a definition of innovation 

To summarize, React JS. increases productivity,  improves user experience, and saves a lot of in-house resources. It’s a perfect example of a technology that lets you eat a cookie and have a cookie. It’s a solution that can significantly optimize efforts of web development and increase its efficiency. And it keeps improving! 

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