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8 October 2020

Best Voice Recognition Apps

8 October 2020

Best Voice Recognition Apps


Julianna Sykutera
Julianna Sykutera
Content Writer
8 October 2020

Best Voice Recognition Apps


Julianna Sykutera
Julianna Sykutera
Content Writer

Along with the development of AI and intelligent assistants, we could observe the increase in voice technology adoption. Voice-activated devices are everywhere. They can control your home’s temperature, they can activate your washing machine, and make you the master of multitasking. What’s even better, the technology was adopted in many smartphone applications that with voice search greatly increase our efficiency. Today we discover some of the best voice recognition apps and the industries they were implemented in. 

When we think about the biggest voice-activated assistants, tech giants representants are what come first to our minds: Amazon Echo and Google Home. Then there are the two famous voice assistants available on smartphones: Siri and OK Google. In addition, there is Cortana from Microsoft that is another assistant that can manage your calendar, set reminders, or search for facts and information. But there is more to the story. Apart from the tech giants, there are many other voice recognition adoption examples that bring value to our lives. 

What are the best voice recognition apps on the market?

Voice recognition can provide us with various forms of assistance depending on industry and our needs.

voice to text app

Voice-to-text app 

When we think faster than we can write

Thanks to voice recognition development, we no longer have to use hands to type. Voice-to-text apps have completely freed us from writing long emails, text messages, or documents. The technology inside our device transcribes everything we say to the microphone into text – which is hella convenient! Every time we have our hands occupied we can simply speak whatever comes to our mind and the voice-to-text app will write it down for us. 

Two great apps that are worth mentioning here are Google docs with the voice typing feature and Dragon. Everyone knows Google docs but little they know about the voice typing option. It’s a simple, super accessible, and free option to write long documents using your voice only. I wouldn’t say it works flawlessly but look how much time you save while something else types for you. All you need is a microphone and Google Chrome browser and you good to go!

Dragon is a product released in 2009 that was at first an app for Apple’s iOS platforms. Today it’s a whole line of voice recognition software that you can use also on Android and get the advantage of the voice-to-text feature. This speech recognition program will make you get rid of your keyboard and enjoy high recognition accuracy that continually improves and adapts to your voice. The company offers various mobile apps, including Dragon Dictation, Dragon for Email, or FlexT9. 

Voice recognition and biometrics 

Using unique vocal attributes 

Voice biometrics works by digitalizing a profile of a person’s speech by producing his/her voice print. The voice prints are stored in databases and it works similarly to the storing of fingerprints. Such technology is commonly applied in telephone and internet transactions or IVR-based banking systems. 

Voice technology combined with biometrics greatly increases the level of security of many industries. Sesame is a voice biometric identification system that helps call centers to identify callers. It uses their natural speech and creates a voice print based on their previous calls. This way it prevents identity theft in industries such as healthcare, insurance, and finance. Whoever calls an institution has his voice scanned by the system and stored in the database. Thanks to the accuracy of such solutions, there are chances we will drift away from outdated security methods. 

In-car speech recognition  

Stay safe while driving 

The vast majority of new cars have a built-in, dedicated voice assistant. You can see how it works in one of Mercedes, Audi, or Volkswagen models. As it’s a built-in, voice system, you don’t need an app to use it. You can simply activate it by saying a command like “Hi Mercedes!”. Then you can ask the system a bunch of staff and it will set up things for you such as navigation details, weather prognosis, car temperature, and more. Although it doesn’t always work flawlessly, it’s super handy. 

in-car voice assistant

On the other hand, there are some useful voice-activated apps. We know the struggle when we drive a car and suddenly get a message. Most of us immediately reach the phone to check what’s up and text back. And we also know that it’s not only unsafe but also illegal. That’s why pro is a voice-to-text app that literally safe our lives! It’s an in-car voice app that reads your incoming text messages to you and lets you type and send the answer using voice only. This way we don’t risk getting into a car accident but we stay both safe and efficient!

Voice recognition and translation

Communicate with ease

Among the best voice recognition apps, there are also those with the translation feature. One worth recommending is Jibbigo. It’s a two-way translation app available on iOS and Android. Jibbigo listens as you speak in one language and immediately translates your words into another language. You can choose from 8 different language pairs, including  English, French, or German but also Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and Chinese. 

What do we like voice recognition for? 

It’s super handy and makes people more productive as they now can do several things at once! The voice technology captures our words and magically transforms them into text, generates our voice print, or translates our speech to another language. It’s amazing how much time we can save just by using one of the voice-activated assistants! Also, voice recognition continuously improves which means the level of assistance will only get higher. 

What does this mean for you? 

The potential of voice technology is already exploited in many industries, including Finance, Healthcare, and Automotive sectors. It shows that implementing voice recognition into one of your product will certainly future-proof your business. The technology is in high demand and people want it to be better in assisting them in their daily duties. 

Thinking about level-up your product with voice recognition? 

Contact us and we’ll support you with our best developers!


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