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11 January 2021

How to distinguish a good Node.js developer

11 January 2021

How to distinguish a good Node.js developer


Julianna Sykutera
Julianna Sykutera
Content Writer
11 January 2021

How to distinguish a good Node.js developer


Julianna Sykutera
Julianna Sykutera
Content Writer

Node.js is used for traditional web sites and back-end API services. It allows software developers to launch both the frontend and backend of web apps using JavaScript. It’s a powerful and robust framework that stole many hearts in the coding society…our’s too. Currently, the demand for Node developers is quite high and many software houses look for talented coders specialized in this area. As we pay a lot of attention to people joining our team, we would like to share how we choose a good Node.js developer. 

Node. js development popularity 

Why has Node.js development become so famous these days? The framework is the backbone of many known brands, for example, Paypal, eBay, or Twitter. It allows for efficient software development through its set of features that enables to build apps that update on autopilot! The high performance combined with the ability to accelerate the product’s time-to-market has been recognized by the big players and so the rest of the companies in the market. According to the latest report by Indeed, the number of job searches for Node.js increased by 57% compared to the previous year. This is followed by an increase in the Node.js developer’s salary and the size of the Node community around this open-source framework! 

If you’re interested in this technology, you can check out one of our projects developed in Node. js →  Voin Coin  

How to choose a good Node.js developer

We’ve been in these shoes many times, trying to distinguish the best candidate to join us. Today we can highlight things that certainly draw our attention to a person and that we value in this process. 

The one that is willing to grow 

Redvike provides companies and individual clients with professional Node.js developers able to deliver great software. If we sign below that sentence we need to search for people who are actually able to deliver it.. and more. IT projects are very demanding and we know that sometimes knowledge of Node.js alone is not enough. We choose people who know more technologies that accompany the process of backend development and those who are willing to learn new tools and frameworks if needed. People who are motivated to grow thanks to such project opportunities. 

The one that can communicate effectively 

We look for a Node.js developer who knows how to communicate with others so that they understand what the problem really is. A person who doesn’t start a thunderstorm without a super important cause and someone who by effective communication can deliver great solutions on time. Communication is valued in our team but also we expect a candidate to be able to handle issues also on the client-side. 

The interview moment 

Our aim is to hire a person who knows how to develop products in Node.js. Someone who uses theoretical knowledge in practice but also puts the efficiency of work as the priority. That’s why during the actual interview we want to test what we find most beneficial. 

We like asking questions on real issues that a person had to resolve in a previous job or a project. Something that would show their thinking and approach to a particular situation. Asking questions about the theory behind Node is not the best direction – we’re not at the university 🙂 After getting to know each other more we always move onto the practical test. It can be a code review or an issue that needs to be solved. 

What is also important is to identify the person’s role in the previous projects. Was he/she working only on the development side without communicating with the client? Was he/she part of the testing team? How good was the communication with the team? Etc. 

Then we basically have all the knowledge we need to make some decisions. 

Redvike’s list of requirements for a Node.js developer position 

To put some light on the actual needs that have to be met in order to be one of Redvike’s great developers, here is a list of what we expect from a candidate. Proficiency in modern web technologies and awareness of all of the trends, industry standards, and best practices

  • At least 1 year of experience in Node.js back-end development
  • Practical experience in TypeScript 
  • Ability to create robust APIs and designing scalable back-end architecture
  • Knowledge of how to manage data and use different types of databases (SQL and non-SQL) for storing and operating on data
  • Organization and motivation to grow and learn together with the team
  • Attention to details and ability to produce the clean code
  • Ambition and having a result-driven approach 
  • Knowledge of how to test the code 
  • Ability to work in a team and deliver quality products together

Experience in delivering (even small) projects, using modern tools like CircleCI, Docker, Kubernetes, Swarm, and navigating through different environments like AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, etc.

Above all, we make sure we’ll maintain open communication

The most important aspect apart from the practical experience is the person’s ability to communicate with people. If we want to develop something great we need to be transparent about anything that slows down the process, makes it more difficult, or introduces confusion. We can’t be silent about those things as much as we can’t let our beliefs influence the way we work. Instead of thinking that something is this or that, let’s communicate openly to resolve issues faster and ensure everyone, especially the client is satisfied with the outcome! 


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