How to choose the right outsourcing company for your business? The strategy that needs your attention!
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17 February 2019
Julianna Sykutera

How to choose the right outsourcing company for your business? The strategy that needs your attention!

Outsourcing is one of the best solutions in business to business collaboration. It provides enormous flexibility which can be really useful in order to fulfil needs of your clients. Here’s a text on how to choose the right outsourcing company for you!

What is outsourcing?

It is simply the act of delegating part of the work to other small companies or individuals that possess skills and knowledge on a particular subject. With the growth of technology, many businesses sometimes undertake huge projects that require a lot of work, time and money. Outsourcing is here to help your business to balance out the number of factors mentioned above.

Think this way. Expansion of your IT department, the whole recruitment process along with the education of new employees can cost you a lot of time and money. Instead, you could hire a team of specialists that will deliver what’s needed without any delays or serious problems. What is more, you don’t need to invest in any additional pieces of training or courses for them. As you can see, apart from time saving, there is another benefit – cost optimization. Outsourcing gives us access to skilled individuals from all over the world which contributes to the time in which project is done as well as to the quality of it. Speaking of quality, use cases can be the best social-proof of people’s knowledge and their sense of aesthetics.

What can possibly go wrong?

This smart move has some flaws. According to Forbes, there are three main cons during such a collaboration. First of all, when outsourcing you need to prepare yourself for giving up some control over the project. Even though you should be able to freely communicate with the company abroad, there is a possibility to obtain a slightly different outcome than you expected. That’s why we strongly encourage you to secure every collaboration with a signed contract. Also, take into consideration any suggestions that come from your outsourcing company because their perspective can add some value to the final product. Of course, even small modifications should be applied only if you say so.

The second thing that Forbes brings up is Internet availability.

Nevertheless, a professional software house shouldn’t have such problems. In twenty-first century we have access to such technology as cloud computing and many more that significantly increase the level of our communication. Although, it is true that you should pay attention to the time zone in which the company you want to hire works. Here it is worth to mention that different time zones are sometimes very favorable. As an example, the software houses in Poland can provide services during the time when American employees sleep which is a huge benefit to any American company.

Lastly, the quality of the product.

The ultimate goal of outsourcing is to collaborate with other people to provide satisfying results together. That’s why, when delegating the tasks you need to specify what exactly is on your mind so that the final outcome wouldn’t disappoint you. Bear in mind that success will come along with good communication, task specification and documentation of the project.

Coming back to the title, how to choose the right one offshore outsourcing?

All the issues mentioned above show certain things to consider before using help from other resources. However, here is a list of ways in which you can assure yourself that you work with the professionalists.

Always check the level of experience that the company has in the industry.

Ask their customers about the opinion or simply ask the company for the portfolio to see if they have knowledge on a particular subject. In addition, you can check reviews if you look for a software development agency.

Remember about the difference in the organization culture.

Take into consideration that every company has its own rules according to which it delivers services. The chosen outsourcing company should have as much similar rules as those applied in your business. It will strongly improve collaboration. If both companies have the same willingness to achieve something big and at the same time they show engagement in what they do, the success is warranted.

Make sure that the outsourcing company does not have any financial problems.

It is crucial that the company or individual who works for you doesn’t have any problems with debts. You should choose only stable companies that are not in danger of break down. Even more important, is the subject of financial liquidity. There is nothing more disturbing and irritating than an outstanding payment from two months ago. If the company cannot make transfers on time it is not a good choice. Moreover, always check if the company you hire consistently provides products without delays.

If you would like to learn more about examples of companies which benefits from outsourcing, here’s an interesting text on this topic.

See what kind of technology is well-known among them.

The most important is a technological stack, so the general knowledge about different solutions and which would be best for given tasks. Being familiar with various technology is a major attribute which you should always pay attention to when deciding on offshore outsourcing.

Ending, this is how you can start the collaboration with more skilled individuals and at the same time obtain high-end products. Also, it is a very safe option during times when there is high employee turnover. The outsourcing company will reduce the risk of failure providing your business with stability and high position on the market.

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