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28 April 2019
Bartłomiej Rgacewicz
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How to reach your customers with your app? What really works in 2019? – Part 1

When you’ve done building an app you may feel like you finished the hardest part of the business plan. Apart from the software of the app, which is crucial, the promotion has a decisive influence on the popularity and total sale of the product. It includes the activities to make your app outstanding in front of others but, what’s more important, desirable by customers. Nowadays people look for something that stops them from scrolling the page. They become easily bored by the incurious content so it is your job to make them intrigued. How to reach customers in 2019?

Text is fine, but video is better

People assimilate pictures and videos better and quicker than continuous text. Try to make a video that introduces the customers with your product. This is a so-called explainer. It’s a short clip which, in a very simple way, encourages people to try out the app and, as the name suggests, explains how it works. It can be an animated video like it was done in Slack or with a real cast like in Dollar Shave Club. If you don’t feel convinced enough, here come the numbers. When Dropbox added an explainer video to its landing page, it gained a 10% increase in conversion which stands for 10 million additional users. What is more, pages that include videos are ranked higher by Google along with other internet browsers. Now you should think about how to create your explainer to get similar results. Actually, there are 4 things which you need to consider.

  1. The scenario should take more or less 90 seconds and present your customer using your product as a better human being. The plot needs to be simple and points out the benefits of possessing the app.
  2. You should consider your target audience and their culture in order to provide them with the best possible visual aspects. The graphics (in an animated clip) and the action should display the customers’ daily life so to make it easier for them to identify with the plot. Bear in mind that a good animation will consume some of your funds. Even though it may be worth it as it is so much easier to be remembered by the audience.
  3. Voice over is also important as it has to sound pleasant and reflects the brand. If your product is throughout described in a formal tone then you can’t use slang in your explainer. The same thing with music in the background. It has to evoke the right emotions to encourage customers.
  4. Remember about subtitles. Research showed that more than 80% of social media videos are watched without sound. With subtitles added you get better chances of not being skipped.

Micro Marketing

It is the most personal sector used to create a stronger connection with customers and expand the user base. By gathering information about a certain, targeted audience, companies seek to meet the demands of a small part of people in the market. Doing so, there are high chances that the product will be accepted by a large percentage of the group hence gain popularity.

Where to start?

You can run micro Marketing campaigns on platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. Companies make collaborations with influencers who will promote the product using the channel. This way the information will reach the influencers’ audience. Now you should think, is it good? The catch is to find the right people who surely won’t destroy the reputation of your company. If you aim to sell the product to a group of teenagers between 13-19 years old, then look for influencers whom audience is mainly made of such people. You can also ask influencers about their suggestions. They know their community better than no one.

Most important is to have a well-thought plan for the whole campaign.

Sometimes a small effort can make satisfying results. Unfortunately, in most cases, you need to devour some time to expand the network of influencers and promote the product on other channels as well. Great examples of micro-marketing can be Adidas Neo  or Daniel Wellington campaigns.

Email marketing

It’s one of the most powerful marketing channel as it delivers quite high Return On Investment (ROI) even in 2019. For every dollar spent on such measures, you should expect a return of 43 dollars which is a pretty good result. Another thing is that email marketing converts much more users than social media platforms. Is it tempting? Certainly. 

So how to start?

First, you need to create a simple newsletter that would pop-up on your landing page. This is how you’ll gain the user-base of your product. Remember to ask for the information you need instead of those you want to obtain. Information such as name, location, the company is crucial if you want to personalize your messages later. Having a list of customers’ data, sending emails is not a problem anymore. However, email marketing has evolved. It’s no longer about sending the same email to all. Focus on what to write so it would be meaningful instead of spam. You need to be more creative and think of ways to remind customers about your product and at the same time, encourage them to use your services for a little longer. For instance, sending them additional materials in the form of a quarterly summary for your app.

There are also some smart moves which helps to reach customers

Let’s start from segmentation of your database. If you’re making an event or contest connected to your product and want to send the users an invitation, check their location. Sending such an email to someone who lives miles away from the place of the event won’t encourage them to take part in it. He or she may also unsubscribe thinking that the newsletter sending them unnecessary information.

Send personalized messages that are optimized for multiple devices

It’s a very simple yet incredibly useful step. Target messages generate 6 times higher transaction rates. Start from addressing the reader by name instead of writing “Dear customer”. This simple tactic alone can improve your performance online. Apart from that use a real reply-to email address with your real contact and signature. This is to build trust with your customers giving them a chance to reach someone real and not the chatbots. Speaking of those, in email campaigns autoresponders will save your time and money. So when you understand what’s the best tactic on the market, automate your messages creating triggered emails.

This is just a beginning…

The three options discussed above are just the beginning of the list of technics you can apply in your marketing strategy for 2019. Remember to combine strategies. Using just one method won’t bring you the expected results. The internet trends are changing rapidly and you need to keep up with what’s on top in order to successfully promote your products and reach the audience. In the next part, we will present you with the rest of the effective steps you can take to achieve the publicity you need.

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