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26 January 2021
Julianna Sykutera

Top 5 Voice Recognition Startups that can Change our Future

2020 turned out to be very generous to many companies as venture capital firms began exploring new global markets. As a result of opening to more regions, the San Francisco Bay Area is now home to 19% of startups who received funding in the last year. Among them, we selected the top 5 voice recognition startups that gained our attention. Let’s see what emerging tech leaders have to offer!

Voice-controlled solutions have become more and more present in our lives, and some of them we have permanently adopted to our homes. We’re talking not only about Alexa or Siri but also other forms, as the technology has been implemented in many web and mobile applications. With the increasing interest in the speech recognition area, we can now observe how the quality of voice devices improves. In fact, some of the innovations proposed by the startup scene are very promising and can impact our way of functioning in the future.

Conversational AI in Customer Service

Enterprises with large customer service departments constantly struggle with providing clients the expected level of understanding and communication. Companies develop strategies to engage customers and effectively build their loyalty but it’s difficult to approach every caller in a personalized way having them so many. Also, it’s not easy to train the whole department to meet customer expectations right away. As a result, many needs and issues remain unsolved.

Uniphore aims to transform customer service with the use of machine learning by introducing Conversational Service Automation. Their AI-based platform includes Speech Analytics, Virtual Assistant, and Voice Biometrics that greatly improve customer experience. The technology enables customer service agents to automate their tasks such as disposition capture and after-call work while enhancing their quality of conversation. All with an underlying analytics and security layer. 

Voice recognition in the Automotive industry 

Our vehicles have built-in voice control systems that assist us during driving. We activate them to use navigation, call or text someone or simply ask what the weather is today. The level of support we actually get depends on how good the system is at recognizing our commands and decoding our speech while ignoring all the background noises. When you think about it, most of them have issues with that and don’t provide the efficiency we need. 

AudioTelligence is a UK-based startup that’s about to change that. The company develops audio source separation technologies to enable devices better performance in terms of speech recognition. Low latency algorithms are able to clear out all the car noises such as playing radio, phone conversation, traffic sounds, and so on. The technology is easy to implement and can greatly improve our satisfaction with using voice control systems in our vehicles. 

Transcribing every word with an AI assistant 

Do you know that moment during a meeting when everyone is involved in a conversation and suddenly comes a question – Hey, is someone writing it down? Meetscribe is another voice recognition startup that we think can bring something valuable to the table. It’s a Canada-based startup that works on the MeetScribe API to capture meeting notes in real-time using voice recognition technology. 

The API not only documents the meeting but also analyzes sentiment and shares the notes to all participants after the conference. In our busy world, It’s the type of assistant we all need as after we turn it on we can focus on what’s important without dividing our attention to making lists and summaries. Think about how the technology could be used in court reporting?

Voice recognition in eLearning 

The actions of  Sana Labs cannot be overlooked here! The company developed a technology that powers elearning platforms. Sana’s sophisticated APIs enhance the functionality of learning apps  making them more effective in teaching people new abilities. One of their core products helps users improve pronunciation when learning a new language. The API analyzes the learner’s speech pattern and gives real-time feedback to the user based on their pronunciation. 

Our team helped a little with the development of a web app with a built-in Sana’s API. See how we worked on this project

Voice-control everything

Lastly, there is Picovoice, a startup based in Canada that last year raised a $500,000 investment for a platform that lets companies build their own voice-enabled experiences. The company provides the technology and platform for creating accurate and private voice interfaces. They allow users to easily add voice to their products, using modern languages and frameworks. This way speeding their time to market and secure solutions in case of Internet disconnection.  

More is yet to come!

Those were just the top 5 voice recognition startups that we wanted to put in the spotlight but we’re sure it’s just a matter of time until more innovators show up. Considering the current challenges with voice recognition development the companies we featured know their way around in this field very well and are on the right path to beat them all!

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