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The Pitch

Sana works with eLearning providers to build sophisticated APIs that power platform functionality. One of their core products helps users improve pronunciation when learning a new language, but Sana lacked any visual tool that demonstrated this product.
Redvike stepped in to build a showcase, leveraging integration with one of Sana’s key partners to highlight the power of the solution.

  • Sana had an API that analysed speech patterns to provide language learners with feedback on word pronunciation
  • Sana had no way to showcase how the product works or the level of feedback it offers
  • They asked Redvike to build a demo, using an integration with Spanish eLearning platform Hey Patch to surface the APIs feature set

The Process

Redvike created an interactive web app using React.js to sit directly on Hey Patch’s website. The app includes seven phrases for a user to read out loud, which Sana’s API uses to analyze the learner’s speech pattern. The app then gives real-time feedback to the learner based on their pronunciation - sharing a score on-screen for each of the seven phrases alongside in-depth analytics sent via email.

  • Redvike built a responsive React.js web app using Sana’s eLearning API, which Hey Patch integrated directly onto their website as a showcase of their offering
  • Sana’s API used a 7-phrase flow to analyze the learners’ pronunciation - with the app surfacing real-time feedback on-screen
  • We also developed a new analytics feature delivering in-depth feedback on phoneme pronunciation via email

The Result

Hey Patch are so delighted with the demo that they’ve kept it on their website as a sales and marketing tool. A second Sana partner (Australia-based Learnosity) also requested access to the API, and have since integrated the app into their core product as well: teachers can create an assessment test, share it online for pupils to complete, then review Sana’s feedback to share alongside their own.

  • The React.js demo has become a vital sales & marketing tool for both Sana and Hey Patch
  • A showcase at an international AI conference was delivered to great acclaim. Sana also won a CogX award for the Best AI Product in Education
  • A second partner has since integrated the tool - Australia-based Learnosity

Review from the client

Daniel CEO of Redvike
Daniel CEO of Redvike

Redvike delivered a satisfying feature that has led to a notable increase in the number of platform users. Managing the engagement adeptly, the team has fostered smooth collaboration.

Patrick Beattie

Daniel CEO of Redvike

Daniel Samotys


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