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22 October 2020

How to Build Another Duolingo

22 October 2020

How to Build Another Duolingo


Julianna Sykutera
Julianna Sykutera
Content Writer
22 October 2020

How to Build Another Duolingo


Julianna Sykutera
Julianna Sykutera
Content Writer

The success of the learning app Duolingo has motivated many entrepreneurs to try to build its replica. The startup located in Pittsburgh built an app that in 2019 was valued at $1.5 billion! If they made it, why not follow the trace and create something even bigger? Today, we’re diving into the company’s success to show you how to build another Duolingo!

Duolingo is one of the most popular free educational apps. But it has earned its title. To this day the company expands and improves the UX and UI of the learning platform. Recently they designed and added brand new characters to their project world! The amount of work put into this product had to pay off one day. Now let’s decode the awesome features of the app and some must-have elements. 

Building a language learning app 

There are some functionalities that a language learning app should offer: 

Training of users   

The main use of the app is to learn people. Practice makes perfect so if you want to build the best language learning app – make sure it offers a wide range of training exercises: learning new words, reading and translating text, listening comprehension, and so on.

Chatbot or a “study buddy”

According to Duolingo co-founder – Luis von Ahn, chatbots make the learning process less embarrassing. It’s a useful mechanism worth implementing into your learning app. Chatbots can answer basic user questions i.e. if the pronunciation of a given word is correct. They can also provide the user with assistance in a form of speech translation. 

Books and articles  

Another great idea! Duolingo has a library of stories written in different languages that help users be better in building more complex sentences. Giving users access to their favorite books written in different languages would be so cool! Especially if reading would be accompanied by useful hints and tips. For example, users would tap the difficult word to see the translation or would tap it twice to hear the correct pronunciation of it. Articles are also an option! A bit shorter form that can encourage more users. 

Video content

What’s the best way to learn a foreign language? Watching series and movies in that language! Implement video content into your app to make the lessons more appealing to a user. Connect learning with relaxation offering content in a form of music videos and fragments of movies. Of course with the subtitles option 🙂  

The good practices of building another Duolingo

We’ve talked about the interactive ways in which you can provide language lessons to users. Now let’s talk about the way you will build your app. 

  1. Make your app available on multiple platforms (Android and iOS). 
  2. Design an intuitive user flow with a consistent UX/UI. 
  3. Provide clear content that will ease navigation and general usage. 
  4. Integrate the app with social media to enhance sharing the completed goals. 
  5. Use gamification and turn the process of learning into a fun competition. 

Follow the good practices to build a learning app people will love!

edtech app

What technologies to use to build a language app?

Great apps come with great technology!

Build your Duolingo clone on Firebase

If you’re a beginner and want to set up your app without investing some major costs – use cloud services. Backend costs can be pretty overwhelming but luckily there are other solutions you can use. Build your Duolingo on Firebase! Here’s an article explaining why choosing Firebase is the best option (of course the more complex your product will get, the more advanced solution you’ll need). 

Cross-platform development with React

When it comes to building a learning app for multiple platforms we strongly suggest you get familiar with cross-platform development and to be specific – React technology. The apps built in React have the look and feel of a native mobile app, which makes the user experience on a superior level! To know more read about 5 advantages of React js.  or innovative features of react native development.  

You’ve just found specialists in Voice technology

When it comes to implementing voice recognition or text-to-speech features – don’t worry we got your back! At Redvike we’ve already built projects based on that technology so we can guide you and answer all your questions. Leave us a message and we’ll reach out to you! 

Excited to try? We can be your support!

At Redvike we build superior apps every day

Build your app investing in a non-breakable backend technology, excellent design, and remarkable user experience. Be the visioner while having an experienced team of React developers at your service. 

Let’s build something great together! 


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