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13 August 2020

Innovative Features of React Native Development

13 August 2020

Innovative Features of React Native Development


Julianna Sykutera
Julianna Sykutera
Content Writer
13 August 2020

Innovative Features of React Native Development


Julianna Sykutera
Julianna Sykutera
Content Writer

React Native earned no 1. place among the most used cross-platform mobile frameworks of 2019 and 2020. According to statistics, 42% of software developers worldwide use React Native as their main framework for mobile app development. And it’s not a surprise as the technology offers a long list of advantages that accelerate the work on a project and ease the life of developers. Here are some of the most innovative features of React Native Development. 

Mobile app development is a complex process that requires an investment of time and money. When we base an app on modern, powerful technologies like React Native, not only we can speed up the whole process but also reduce the costs associated with it. The capabilities of React Native Development are very impressive that’s why the technology gained so much popularity over the years. But if the framework is new to you check out our article What is React Native used for? 

React Native Development equals Innovation 

The reason why this technology is so popular is the range of innovative features it offers. 

Build once, launch everywhere 

React Native enables developers to build a codebase that can be reused on both iOS and Android. It means, they don’t have to build a separate app for each platform. Instead, they can use the same code and accelerate product development. Also, if a company has already developed its web app, most of its code can be used to develop a mobile app (if it was built in React). Adding up lots of prebuilt components and open-source library, the whole process goes incredibly fast and code reusability ensures there are fewer inconsistencies between two platforms. 

Control what’s happening at the moment

Live updates are another innovative feature introduced by the framework. Native app development requires manual upload of the new version to the App Store or Android Play. Only after the stores approve the changes, the update is available to users and they have to install it on their smartphones. React Native development requires no such actions. An update runs locally either by using JavaScript files embedded in the app or by fetching the latest changes from a server. It means that an update is released immediately. 

Get a Native-like performance 

Native apps work faster and more smoothly but the cost of the development is high if we want to support it for both platforms. React Native enables you to build an app that offers a native-like performance as most of the code applies to iOS and Android. It’s a big saving in time and investment when we can achieve two things at once and stay native. Same things when we want to push updates – we can do it simultaneously on all platforms. 

Design top-shelf UX/UI

An app built with React Native has much to offer when it comes to user experience and user interface. Thanks to React JavaScript UI, the app is more responsive and has a decreased load time which greatly contributes to the level of user experience. With React Native you can build an app that has simple UI but that’s what makes it powerful and attractive to users. 

Get advantage of 3rd party plugins 

Since technology is rather young, there are features that are yet to be developed. For this purpose, the framework supports the thrid-party plugins which are the Native Modules and JavaScript Modules. If you build a React Native app and want to integrate it with Google Maps or other Google tools you can do it with the help of plugins and apply all the necessary features in a convenient way. 

Business benefits with React Native Development  

The technology turned out to be a great choice for many top-shelf companies. Check out what are the top 5 companies using React Native. 

Cross-platform development

The ability to develop a code that is compatible with all platforms can be a game-changer for a business. Cross-platform development increases the productivity of the whole project team thanks to the innovative features. Not to mention how much a company can save just by choosing React Native development. 

Speed up time-to-market 

Code reusability, lots of prebuilt components, and facilitated testing phases. It all makes the product reaches its final stage way sooner and is ready to enter the market. It’s the speed that gives your company an advantage as in such a short period of time, your app is fully prepared to be used by customers (on both platforms!).

Reduced cost of React Native app development 

Since you can code for two platforms at once, you don’t need to hire a room of react native developers. Depending on the complexity of your project you may need just 2 or 3 specialists in this field. A smaller team means lower costs of development. Also, the whole process takes less time as React Native greatly eases the work of developers. For you, it means less money invested in the project. 

Easy to hire React Native developers 

The framework is based on well-known and established through years – JavaScript. It won’t be a problem for a business owner to find developers experienced in this programming language. What’s more, React Native is a community-driven technology with an open-source environment. The benefit for your company is that all the data and documentation of the framework are available for everyone. 

Work with our React Native Development Company 

If you want to create a product that melts the hearts of customers with remarkable user experience, we are ready to deliver it! Only by choosing to base your app on React Native, you gain a huge advantage from the speed of development and the low costs of maintenance. We will guide you through the whole process and show you possible solutions so your product benefits more people. Let’s talk about your idea!

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