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3 April 2020
Julianna Sykutera

How we deliver software projects in Redvike

The top values of Redvike are the development of our employees, providing high-quality software projects and taking care that people have access to the latest technological solutions. It may sound utopian but those are actually the most important aspects of our work. We try our best to create modern software that is ready for further development. How do we achieve it? Today, you will know. 

New software project

Everything starts with an idea. There’s a part of the day when, together with a client, we sit at the table to discuss the concept in-depth. Although we know our job very well, the new projects are always an opportunity to learn some new business sectors. We want the effects of collaboration to meet the business objectives. That’s why we are aware one meeting is not the end of the journey but the beginning of building a strong business relationship. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about an Xbox app, discussing a new technology that we want to implement – the collaboration: client <-> software house, is crucial which is why we pay so much attention to it.


The most important characteristic of our services is that they are delivered by people who love what they do. Our teamwork can be noticed in a mutual understanding that we share with. When arranging a project team, we pay attention to disturb developers as little as possible. Our project manager keeps the workflow under control and together with a client, prepares user stories. We don’t like assigning people to their “roles” so if a developer is eager to also work on the UI of an app, we will gladly arrange that. With the help of a good designer, the software project will only benefit from such collaboration.

Design thinking

When working on a product that is to conquer the market, poor logistics at the early stages of its development usually leads to the failure of the entire project. Bad functional decisions and inadequate priorities are often the two responsible for that. That’s why we see the importance of combining the work of designers with the work of developers and the client. User-oriented approach, target group identification and good prioritization of product functionalities allow the app to gradually meet customer expectations. Guided by these values we are aware that our client’s success is also our success. 


Thanks to the boutique approach to software development and increasing competencies in new technologies, we can afford to create applications that are modern and scalable. We specialize in React, React Native, Vue.js and Node.js, however, we constantly trying new solutions and learning to work not only on what we have known for years. Regardless of whether we are talking about a front-end or back-end, we ensure that all components of a product are built using technologies that are supported, modern and have a certain future. We do so because if the product will be later developed by the client himself, we are sure his team will handle it.

Learning new skills 

Redvike is created by smart, ambitious and active people. We all value self-development and for most of us, the process of learning still lasts. Not only when it comes to programming but also other areas of life. That’s why we are so eager to give others space to grow and develop. This way we broaden our competencies and our developers can easily jump from Junior to Mid to finally Senior. What’s also important is that we aren’t focused on only one technology. We believe that the knowledge of the IT industry and awareness of multiple paths leading to the same goal allows you to choose the right technology for a software project. 

Our projects 

As one can easily notice, our client base consists mainly of clients from abroad. Cooperation at a distance can sometimes be demanding, however, we are flexible enough to adapt to the client on the other side. So far, we’ve already delivered 20 phenomenal projects that have been recognized by Clutch and also gained international popularity (Callpage). 

The main goals of Redvike are the continuous development and growth of the company and a portfolio full of satisfied clients. In this text, we presented the effects of the last three years of our work that we are proud of. Regardless of whether we are starting a new project, working on product maintenance or establishing new business relationships, every day we try to deliver the best quality possible. We also hope that the atmosphere we create will attract more people similar to us.

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