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The Pitch

CallPage are one of the top-rated startups in Poland with clients ranging from young, high-growth businesses to globally established enterprise: Audi, Orange, and PWC are among their biggest fans. As the company faced new challenges owing to their exponential growth, Redvike stepped in to help refine the proposition.

  • The original widget version was using outdated technologies (JQuery, ModuleJS, Gulp, ES5).
  • This setup was hampering growth: newly-hired developers were struggling to get to grips with the stack, while the product release cycle was not as efficient as it could be.
  • With an updated widget, CallPage could lay the foundations for the next phase of growth.

The Process

Redvike rebuilt the project from the ground up leveraging bleeding-edge technologies - Vue.js, ES6, Webpack - to redevelop the widget. Clean code, supported by a robust systems architecture, guaranteed a scalable solution that will remain relevant for years to come.

  • Time was taken to layout the project specification in full ensuring the design and architecture of the software reflected the long-term ambitions of the client.
  • Redvike focused on streamlining the solution, simplifying new feature development, while simultaneously reducing the overall bundle size by 20%.
  • Documented technology and a robust testing strategy preserve the integrity of the solution, handing full control to the client’s development team.

The Result

The sleek, fast widget positions CallPage for another round of stellar growth. Clients have commented on the slick nature of the updated product, while investors are encouraged by the visible, results-oriented progress.

  • The streamlined service ensures the widget can be easily extended and maintained, with the team building out product functionality in double-time.
  • Existing clients continue to compliment the new widget; while CallPage is converting their own prospects at an increased rate.
  • A smaller bundle size has significantly reduced AWS hosting fees, helping the client reinvest funds in growth-oriented activities.

Review from the client

Daniel CEO of Redvike
Daniel CEO of Redvike

Redvike delivered a high-quality product accompanied by high-quality service, working quickly and after hours when needed. The experience encourages future collaborations.

Andrew Tkachiv

Co-founder, CallPage

Daniel CEO of Redvike

Daniel Samotys


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