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10 June 2018
Bartłomiej Rgacewicz
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LeadR – How we improved mailing automatization tool?

As you may know, people are not only using the software in high-tech sectors. Nowadays, technology and software engineering is commonly used to build solutions for i.e. sales or marketing. The part of those two subjects is the promotion via the Internet. Generally, that is the reason why LeadR needed to build its project with us. They wanted to have a good piece of software built by IT professionals to use it in something different – mailing automatization.They idea was clear. Their team which was responsible for traffic marketing was huge. All of the work was done manually by a person. It was not only a waste of people’s time, but this work could be also quite frustrating. They wanted and needed automatization, which would help them to set up and use all of the tools for email-marketing via few clicks.

However, even if you have the knowledge and all of the needed experience sometimes you cannot work smoothly with solutions, which don’t have API and their creators aren’t willing to collaborate. That’s why we were forced to not only build a tool which would work swiftly with systems which have open API. We also had to find a way to contact with those which don’t have one.

We made it using Phantom and Casper!

Those tools are designed to be used as an interface to scrap virtually. We can set up to enter all of the values, which websites need. This is made based on the idea of the virtual user. The user, who doesn’t exist in person, but it’s craft in code and can behave as a one, based on the instruction, which designer made for it. That’s why some websites check if you are not a bot 😉

But let’s get back to our mailing automatization solution!

The development of the whole tool took us two months. We worked pretty hard to make a tool which is not only capable of sending emails written in HTML via some marketing tools, but it can also read all of the analytics data from this tools. Finally, our solution would make a summary out of all of this data and provide it to the user. So after the whole campaign ends, the stuff has an easy access to the results.

Which technologies did we use?

The system is based on Node.JS, CasperJS and PhantomJS.

The whole project helps LeadR to reduce the number of resources spent on traffic marketing by 60%. It’s a brilliant use case of technology combined with marketing and we are happy, that the whole tool works stable and helps in mailing automatization.

To sum up, building such a solution which needs are surprising is an interesting scenario. That’s good because it forces us to build a solution in a different way. In this particular case, we often didn’t have an API to connect with mailing tools. So we have to find the other way. Finally, we contact our client. We informed them about the issue. At the end, we decided to build something which isn’t a common solution but works as our client intended.

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